Thursday, February 14, 2008

*Penne Bolognaise ala Kenneth

We were discussing who's in charge of what in the V-Day party, Annie was thinking of chicken, I was thinking of veggie & Liv was thinking of dessert (her mind was full of CHOC those days). Kenneth didn't have any choice but being in charge of the carbo. We weighed the pros and cons of potato vs pasta, and went for pasta. Contemplating tomato vs cream sauce, the guy in charge chose tomato. Pasta & bolognaise is a great idiot-proof, crowd -pleaser party choice. Nonetheless, he requested us to back him up as he has hardly made anything that's not in mama's recipe database so far.

- Penne pasta (we made way too much), Liv said half a packet is generally enough for 2
- Minced beef
- Aromatics: finely chopped garlic & onion
- Sauce & seasoning: ketchup, canned chopped tomatoes (we love Del Monte), salt, sugar, soy, a dash of chicken powder (yes, this is recipe screams "Hong Kong bolognaise!!")
- Cheddar cheese
- Olive oil, a little bit of butter

Boil penne with water, olive oil, salt, drain, set aside. Saute aromatics in olive oil & butter, add beef, add canned tomatoes, ketchup, salt, sugar, soy, chicken powder. Set aside a bit of sauce. add pasta into the sauce mixture in wok/pan, mix well. Pour pasta + sauce mixture into an oven-proof pot, about 3 cm thick layer at a time, add cheese in between, throw all the remaining cheese and sauce on top. Let it bubble in low heat, increase the heat to full force about 5 minutes before serving or until the cheese top turned golden.

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deeTha said...

hooh rit,nganggo mozzarela luwih apik.cuma nduwure ttp kudu dikei cedar po parmessan.ben ttp enek tekstur kejune. tp bgku sih,keju opo ae kabeh wuenak.hahaha