Friday, February 29, 2008

An Impulse Buy

While browsing the frozen meat shop for fish fillet...look what I've found!! 4 fillets of beauties at HK$10!!!Bargain alert! Bargain alert! Oh wait..Expired Product Alert!! Code Red! Code Red! We quickly checked the dates..nonono..not expired (use by 05-09-2008 hehe). So, although this was not on the list...not a part of the grand plan...I couldn't help but grab it.

Hmmm...what do you think I should do with these babies?


A.G said...

udah tak link Jeng.. weh product expired.. ga berani nyolek aku.. ada anak-2 seh takut keracunan :)
iwake digoreng pk tepung enyak..dibiki siomay enyak... dipenyet jg uenayak...

Mochachocolata Rita said...

hi yin...turned out engga expired kok...use before: may 2008 hehehe...sik asyik asyikkkk...hmm it is chicken...hmm..thinking of maybe just pan frying/oven grill it. but wondering if there's any other idea hehe