Thursday, February 7, 2008

Charlie Brown Cafe

I've walked pass this lil cafe a few times, finally had a chance to try it. In Cantonese, we'd say I had the "ass itch" (c fat hun. lol), plus, there were not many places open on CNY eve.

This choco-oreo cheesecake is heavenly. Rich & creamy. Most of the cakes and drinks are decorated with cute characters from Peanuts.

This dark choco orange truffle cake was too sweet for my taste, but it was highly recommended as a popular pre-Valentine's day selection. Maybe because it is heart-shaped (eyes rolling).

Ofcourse, I just had to pose with the resident cutie, Charlie.

1 comment:

婕米恩 said...

OMG.. is so cute.. i wish i could go there.. love snoopy very much!!
May i know how's the price of the food and beverage there?