Wednesday, February 27, 2008

*Lazily Healthy: Tasty Steamed Tofu

If you always say:
- I am constantly on the go, move, move, move!
- I have NO time
- I am too busy
- I am juggling being a company executive/career woman, a mom/cruel or loving stepmom, a wife/girlfriend/mistress/lover, a bitch, an angel, etc etc
- I have too much on my plate and they aren't edible
then you are probably really busy.
For me, I am just LAZY.

As I mentioned in previous posting 5 Facts about me, I am fond of short cuts, and I am constantly, desperately seeking fast and easy recipes. This recipe from a friend's dad, is perfect for busy ladies (or lazy bitches like me. HAHA)

Doing this recipe is better than:
1. Getting a lover to cook for you
As you might need to flirt outrageously, wine & dine the girl or bullshit & seduce the guy, which takes time, and loads of effort
2. Dining out
Imagine having to dress up/dress down/looking "effortlessly" gorgeous and the nightmare of deciding where to eat (ate there yesterday, sushi the day before, wonton the day before, etc), then what to order, then contemplating whether to order dessert, etc
3. Ordering take out
I get exhausted browsing the 1000001 items on the take away menu, dialing the right number (and trying NOT to get the "massage parlor" or "mental health clinic" all the time), arguing with the delivery person (I SAID, I ordered meal #198789 and NOT #189789, you @#$@#%@#$#@!!!), and buying something hello kitty clad and useless from 7-11 (convenience store) just to break my HK$500 note

OK. I know, I know, as enticingly easy as it sounds, the words Steamed & Tofu appalled me to the core and had me trembling with fear/disgust/skepticism too, the first time I heard them. But I kid you not, the word Tasty I later slapped on was not to trick you into eating bland food while I am MUHAHAHA-ing at the background. As mischievous as I am, deep down, there's mr.integrity constantly yelling at me to stop tricking people (you win, dammit) lol.

- Fermented black beans
- Finely chopped garlic, spring onion, chilli
- Olive oil
- Fish sauce, soy sauce, sugar
- Tofu

Cut tofu into big chunks, lay them on a plate (1 layer), mix everything else, except spring onion in a small bowl, spread onto tofu pieces, steam for 5 minutes, sprinkle spring onion on the 4th minute or after steaming. Serve with steamed rice.

No fuss, no muss. No flirting and/or yelling necessary.


Wandering Chopsticks said...

Ha! I still want option #1. ;)

Unknown said...

hehehe right-o! i bet u hv one who's more than willing hohoho

A.G said...

Lha disini pamer tahu lagi :(( wes mesti buru-2 kekota nih kl pgn makan tofu

Unknown said...

hi yin...jangan2 ntar malem aku masak tahu lagi wohohohoho aku ini penggemar berat tahu

I (Heart) Tofu

Rita Sella said...

I HEART TOFU ! It's better than tempe hehehe... anak-anakku jg suka buat bekel jg pakek kecap yummm... tapi cuman satu brand yg favourite kita yg lain blah...

Unknown said...

hmm mba rita,

actually i love tempe too, very much! mendoan, kering tempe, oseng-oseng, or just pan fried, but it is harder to get (only available in indonesian mini markets) and more expensive than tofu (tofu = HK$2.50 per big chunk) and i am sooo PELIT (stingy) eh nono, bukan bukan...HEMAT (thrifty) HAHAHA