Friday, February 29, 2008

Golden Fish Nuggets with Creamy Corn Sauce

Why the pictures of my dishes seem like "flying UFO" most of the time (did you guys notice?)? Because oh because, I could not maintain a balanced horizon, and am lazy to (i.e. don't know how to) use photoshop to correct it. HA-HA-HA

When I was in Sydney, Australia, I adore the fish fillet with corn sauce from Kingsford Chinese Restaurant. So far, I haven't found any version in Hong Kong, which could match the succulent goodness of the fish meat, the crisp batter and the rich and creamy sweet sauce. Ironically, this dish is a classic from Hong Kong coffee shop menu(!!!). When I finally dreamt of it one night, woke up with a huge pool of drool on my pillow (ok, tat's yucky-my apologies) I knew I had to do something about it.

The fish
- fish fillets (I got 2 big fillet from a frozen meat shop for HK$18)
- salt, sugar and pepper

Defrost and slice fillets to approx. 5x3cm nuggets, don't cut them too small, we wanna bite into some succulent meaty goodness. Season with some pepper, sugar and salt

The batter
- 3 tbsp self raising flour
- 1 tbsp corn starch
- 1 egg
- salt, sugar, pepper
- some water

Mix well, dip fish nuggets into batter, fry in hot oil until golden brown, set aside.

The Creamy Corn Sauce
- Sweet corn cream style (I love HK$5.50 Del Monte)
- Finely chopped garlic (just a little)
- Egg
- 2-3 tbsp cream
- salt, pepper

Mix corn cream and egg, season with salt and pepper. Saute garlic with a little oil, add the corn mixture, cook until thoroughly heated, add cream, pour over golden fish nuggets.

My version has a touch of garlic taste in the sauce, and cream. You can go sans garlic and cream for a more authentic version.


A.G said...

lha disini tinggal beli fish nugetnya *disini disebut fisk pinner berbahan dr ikan cod*
nam nam :)
oh ya korek dikit ya Rita aku di Norway bukan di Jerman :D

Unknown said...

halo yin...iyah...disini juga ada nuggetnya, ini lagi kumat sok rajinnya pengen bikin batter sendiri (dasarrrrr hehehe)

oooopppps dah aku koreksi pengawuranku..maklum ini geografiku dulu di SMA dpt 4 out of 10...hikssssss maap yakhhh :D

tigerfish said...

Your fish nuggets look perfectly done - crispy!

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Retno Prihadana said...

Emang klo bikin sendiri rasanya lebih puas, apalagi ini keliatan enak tenan.

Unknown said...

hi tigerfish,
yes...i think most things taste fantastic covered in batter and deep fried hehee...couldn't get enough of them

mba retno,
iya mba...puas banget kalo bisa bikin sendiri..tapi aku sering curang dalam hal gulai/sambal goreng/opor hehehe pake indofood paketan..oppps

Elsye said...

enak nih Rit, nugget ikan...:D...mau banget...susah ga bikinnya ?

Unknown said...

jeng elsye...nugget ikan bikinnya gampang pisannnnn sampe hampir agak2 malu di-posting heheh

vanessachoi said...

kingsford chinese restaurant? i've been there! haha did u study in unsw?

really enjoying ur blog btw (: