Thursday, October 6, 2011

iPhone Food Photography - RIP Steve Jobs

As a tribute to Steve Jobs, I am posting my recent favorite food pictures, all shot using my iPhone 3Gs.
Oyster Burger
Oyster burger from Burger Room, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

Macarons from Jean-Paul Hevin
Macaron from Jean-Paul Hevin, IFC, Hong Kong.

Supermarket Sweep
Supermarket sweep.

Mie Sedap & Cheddar Chunks
Mie Sedap rasa sambel goreng with cheddar chunks

Kowloon Dairy Milk & Hot Char Chan Teng Coffee
Kowloon Dairy milk and hot coffee from a neighborhood char chan teng.

Black and White Cup
Hot coffee in Black & White cup from San Chui Kei, Wanchai.

Luncheon Meat & Fried Egg Bun
Luncheon meat and fried egg in buttered bun from neighborhood char chan teng.

Fanta at Yumcha
Fanta at yumcha.

Yum Yumcha
Typical weekend yumcha.

Grape Calpis
Grape calpis soda from random Japanese eatery.

Beef Sukiyaki
Beef sukiyaki hotpot from random Japanese eatery.

Colorful salad from random Japanese eatery.

Taro Froyo
Taro froyo with taro mochi etc.

My iPhone and my favorite apps (Toy SLR, instagram and iDarkroom) made instant food blogging with eye candy photos possible.


Miss Tam Chiak said...

i like the hot coffee shot!

Lady G said...

Omg, oyster burgers and beef sukiyaki hotpot! I like the Lomo-ish look of your pictures.

RIP Steve Jobs.

YaYa said...

Vale, Steve Jobs, my first grown up computer was a Macintosh, one of the first sold in Sydney! Great photos Rita!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Great tribute!

Joanne said...

Now THIS is a seriously rock star tribute!

pigpigscorner said...

Great shots! Love shooting with my iPhone too.

Jackie B said...

Great tribute Rita, RIP Steve Jobs, you did good, you changed the world!

Cooking Gallery said...

Mie sedap with cheese...!! You always come up with such crazy delicious ideas!!:-)

Anonymous said...

Hey love the "Hot coffee in Black & White cup from San Chui Kei, Wanchai" Photograph was wondering if I may get permission for my company to use the pgoto for wall art and decoration.
please email me back at

thank you

natasha said...

Hey was hoping you can give me another way to contact you discussing the photo I asked about earlier this week for wall art & decoration at The Plaza Food Hall. For permission to use. Or you can email me at

I would appreciate it

thanks so much


natasha said...

hey i was hoping someone could contact me regarding the coffee cup photo. you can email me at

thank you