Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Bin Tai - Ham, Cheese, Fried Egg, Mayo, & Potato Chips Sandwich

The Bin Tai - Ham, Cheese, Fried Egg, Mayo, & Potato Chips Sandwich
Junk food haters, cover your eyes. This post is gonna disgust you to oblivion.
Inspired by e_ting at desk's post, the nutella cookie peanut butter sandwich, last night I made this monstrosity that I named "the bin tai" (Cantonese for perverted).
It's fully loaded with all kinds of junk that I found in my kitchen.
The Bin Tai - Ham, Cheese, Fried Egg, Mayo, & Potato Chips Sandwich
It's like this:
- A slice of buttered bread
- Slather mayo
- Add a slice of ham
- Add fried egg (runny yolk ftw)
- Add potato chips (I used Lay's sour cream and onion)
- Add a slice of "cheese"
- Add more potato chips
- Dump in the oven until the "cheese" melted
- Squeeze a few dots (or dollops) of mayo
- Squeeze a few drops of ketchup or chilli sauce

If you're up for it, top it with another slice of bread.
The Bin Tai - Ham, Cheese, Fried Egg, Mayo, & Potato Chips Sandwich
Did I really eat this bin-tai-ness?
Yes I did.
And the most bin tai thing is, I really loved it.
Sobsssss.....please don't hate me.


Su-Lin said...

:D Love it!

leaf (the indolent cook) said...

Haha, I love the name! We're all a little bin tai sometimes. ;)

Lil said...

LOL~ Love the name xD

Arudhi said...

Oh, 2 or 3 servings of junk food a year won`t hurt you :p Love the color and the lighting! By the way, I have an award for you. Hope you don`t mind I passed it on to you :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Yum! Nothing can go wrong with this!

shellie said...

haha! you are so fantastic Rita!!

Cooking Gallery said...

This is a crazy sandwich, Just like your other homemade snacks...;)! But it definitely rocks! I wouldn't mind having something like this from time to time :).

gastronomous anonymous said...

LOVE IT! i may have to make it at home too!!!!! love the name too

Joanne said...

This is so insane. I want to hug you right now!

Von said...

Love the photos! Reminds me of primary school, when we used to put chips in our sandwiches just for fun. Only this is much tastier!!

daphne said...

haha junk to the max but looks sooo good!

tigerfish said...

Love you even more for this! :)

Never tried adding potato chips in my sandwich though.

my thrifty closet said...

yum..I so going to make this for lunch now! I'm sure my boy will love it! Thanks for sharing!

Your blog makes me hungry!

And thanks for stopping by my blog!


aki! said...

That is disgusting!

And I really want it right now.

Hate this about me.

I'm really glad that you're not afraid to post it though. Sometimes I get sick of looking at green food.

mangiawithmario said...

Rita, I am not hating you, I am thanking you for championing the art of sandwich making. Sandwiches are art. And yours here is a masterpiece. I am loving the Bin Tai. It is Bomb!

Lady G said...

I have my own crazy food obsessions, too. Cup noodles with cheese curls.

Gummi Baby said...

Chip Buttie! Yes! Every now and then, I too indulge, let's take the shame out of enjoying junk food forever! :D

Ashley said...

OMGGG, this is making me drool. haha!