Wednesday, August 24, 2011

SC, Mama & Siu Pak's Birthday Celebration at Home

SC & Mama Bday Dinner at Home 2011
Here's one of SC's birthday celebrations this year.
SC and his mom has the same birthday ^_^. Normally we'd celebrate in any nearby Chinese restaurants, but this year we had the celebration at SC mama's home.

SC's mom prepared all these yummilicious food!
SC & Mama Bday Dinner at Home 2011
Juicy, sweet, succulent boiled prawns. Dipped in soy sauce and freshly chopped chillies. Yum!

SC & Mama Bday Dinner at Home 2011
Steamed fish with light drizzling of soy sauce. SC's favorite fish (minimum boneage).

SC & Mama Bday Dinner at Home 2011
Squid and vegetable stir fry. Look how pretty!

SC & Mama Bday Dinner at Home 2011
Clams and preserved vegetables. One of my all time favorites from SC's mama!

SC & Mama Bday Dinner at Home 2011
Spicy curry crabs. I think I shamelessly ate about 90% of this dish...

SC & Mama Bday Dinner at Home 2011
Fish cake & vegetable stir fry. I am not a big fan of choy sum, but these are super sweet!

Normally, I'd try to make something as a contribution to the party, but since I didn't have a chance to do so (I was busy doing last-minute birthday gift shopping), I bought these macarons from Jean-Paul Hevin.
Jean-Paul Hevin Macarons

Baby M was curious...what are you photographing, mama?
Jean-Paul Hevin Macarons & Baby

Look at my little party animal ^_^
SC & Mama Bday Dinner at Home 2011

And here are the birthday lady & gentlemen...
SC & Mama Bday Dinner at Home 2011
PS. Siu Pak has his own doggie cake!

Happy birthday to SC, Mama and Siu Pak!

PS. If you wanna see what I bought for SC, check it out here.


jisampedro said...

Nothing better than a home cooked dinner for bday celebration. I remember when my gf one arrives and go to her parants house, tons of food. Of course, a cake too :)

SC gotta be happy with all the food and various celebrations, hehe.

ann low said...

What a wonderful Birthday for three on the same day!生日快乐!!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Love the dishes and the cakes!!

Belzy said...

Haduh.......ngliat foto2 makanannya bikin ngilerrrr! Chinese food emang paling mantep yah rit! Trus itu kue yg satu lagi bener2 khusus buat doggie yah rit?

shellie said...

how cute!! they even have the same hairdo!! happy birthday!

Joanne said...

I wish my birthday celebration had involved all this good food!

tigerfish said...

I remember SC's mother preparing a lot of delicious steamed dishes in one of your earlier posts. And this is yet another yummilicious meal cooked by SC's mother. I like her kind of food - simple and absolutely delicious.

Happy Birthday to all!

Steph said...

Looks delish, as always! Nice pics!

myfudo said...

It's a fine tasting meal. Can't wait to have some it.

Peggy said...

Love that everyone got their own cake and treats! Happy Birthday to everyone =)