Friday, August 19, 2011

Rujak Serut - Indonesian Shredded Fruit Salad

Rujak Serut - Indonesian Shredded Fruit Salad
The perfect little salad for summer. Ultra refreshing, very appetizing, full of textures and flavors. I love this as an appetizer, side dish, snack or even dessert. Making this does require quite a bit of work shredding the fruits, but the result's totally worth it.

The fruits
Rose Apples - Jambu Air
These super cute and adorable rose apples. I love the bit of crunch and spongy texture, its sweetness with a bit of tang, and its adorable shade of pink!

Green Mangoes
These green mangoes have deep yellow interior. The texture's firmer than the yellow ripe mango, it's very fragrant, it almost has coconutty/floral scent, and it is very sweet. I pretty much gnaw on the thin and small seed to clean up the part of the flesh which I could not shred. The cook's prerogative!

Jicama - Bengkoang
Jicama is a must in many Indonesian fruit salads. It gives the combo a nice crunch, with fresh yet earthy flavor.

I've also used fresh ripe pineapple, which I didn't photograph because I am forgetful. But I am sure everyone has seen pineapples before. Golden deliciousness!

Peel and shred all the fruit into matchsticks (except the rose apples, simple remove the core and chop away). I just used half a jicama, 1 mango, 2 rose apples and half a pineapple.

The combination of fruits is not fixed. Feel free to use anything which are available in your area.

The palm sugar dressing
Rujak Serut - Indonesian Shredded Fruit Salad
The majority of the dressing is palm sugar, for its deep, sweet, coconutty, almost caramel-ish flavor; then salt to balance the sweetness; tamarind paste and lime for the sourness; a touch of shrimp paste for that extra savory umami-ness; and bird's eye chillies for the hot slap on the face.

I didn't exactly measure when I made the dressing, I started with a few chunks of palm sugar pieces, a tsp of sea salt, a tiny drop of shrimp paste, 1 tsp tamarind paste, 1 chilli, juice of 1 lime and a bit of hot water. I mix them together and keep adjusting the flavors to achieve the perfect balance of everything. The paste would be thick in the beginning, you can dissolve it by adding more hot water until you reach a thin-ish syrupy consistency (I should be killed for my very unclear "description", I know) and keep adjusting the flavors as you're thinning the dressing.

This is the kind of salad that needs quite a bit of dressing. All the fruits should be able to get just submerged in the dressing to let all the flavors marry.

Pour dressing over all the shredded fruits and refrigerate. The already multi-faceted flavors of the dressing will be combined with all the different juices from the fruits, you can imagine how complex it is, but yet...perfectly balanced. Just before serving, squeeze a bit of lime juice for that final punch.

Rujak Serut - Indonesian Shredded Fruit Salad
Serve cold, of you can even add ice. If you wish, top with a bit of roasted nuts for more crunch.

Enjoy...and happy Friday!


Amelia said...

very refreshing & delicious fruit salad

Jackie B said...

Yum, I love rojak of all kinds, you just reminded me of how much I missed jambu air..hehehe

Sarah said...

Oh! Wow, that sounds really good. Can I buy tamarind paste at ParkNShop? I have looked for it before, but I can only read English bottles... heehee... so sometimes I think I might be missing it!

Arudhi said...

You have jambu air and bengkuang there in HK?! Oh I`m so jealous! Rujak serut emang enak banget yaaaa buat summer :)))

christine cappio said...

I am curious and will try. I think that i have never had this palm sugar with shrimp paste sauce. Seems very special and sure to open one' s appetite! Great summer recipe! Happy Friday!

Little Corner of Mine said...

What a lovely summer treat! I love this fruit salad.

tigerfish said...

Appetizer/starter: this; main course: your spicy sardine sandwich; dessert: this. LOL!

沙律 said...

thanks! let me try to get all the ingredients and make one =)

Joanne said...

I already love summer you've made me love it even more! Any excuse to make this!

Chris said...

We have a similar salad in Msia we call rojak. The sauce is thicker and blacker, first ingredient being prawn paste or "hae-ko". Great addition is chopped up toasted "yau-tiu" just before eating!

busygran said...

I'm salivating just reading and looking at the salad pictures. Makes a good appetizer!

chicmcmuffin said...

Oohhh.. Jicama is bengkoang!! *bego banget baru ngeh...*

myfudo said...

What a splendid idea for my diet program. I love it.