Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Black Chicken (Silkie), Mushrooms & Coconut Soup

When I was browsing through my photo folder to see which food gets flaunted shown off shared today...I suddenly realised that...I still owe you a soup recipe from my
junk food fest birthday bash!

The feeling of owing a lot of people (and by "a lot of people" I meant...like two of them ^_^) is not good.
- It's like there's a heavy stone that needs to be lifted off my heart (I was told that this is a result of eating too much unhealthy food and burping will easily solve this)
- It's like there's a heavy person sitting on my shoulders (I was told that this is only natural for a person who spends almost her whole waking hour in front of a computer)
- It's like there's something that clouds my mind, demanding solutions (I was probably only thinking about dinner right after lunch)

I guess all of my "not good" feelings aren't caused by my owing people recipes after all :p

Anyway, here's another super simple recipe.

You love super simple recipes, don't you?


- 5 cups of mushrooms of your choice (but straw mushroom and its earthy scent is a must for me), cleaned, sliced
- A pack of coconut meat that's chopped into pieces, rinsed
- 1 silkie chicken (black chicken), rinsed, pat dry
- olive oil, water (or stock), salt, pepper, sugar

Heat up a pot, saute mushrooms with olive oil, add the rest of the ingredients, add water (or stock), bring to boil, lower down heat and simmer for min 2 hours, remember to skim the floaty fatty bits. Season with salt and pepper, add a bit of sugar if you want to have the tasty effect of MSG (without adding MSG), serve hot.

Subtle chicken flavor, earthy mushrooms, sweet 'n smooth coconut...nuff said.

Why did I use black chicken (silkie)?
- I haven't tried it before
- Black is so "in" this winter
- My Chinese friends told me that it has more health benefits (lower calories, lower fat content, more antioxidant) than our good ol' regular chicken
- I was told that it is more mildly flavored than regular chicken (sc hates chicken that smells too "chickeny")
- Have you seen a silkie before? They're so mighty cute I started to feel bad cooking them~

Would it work with regular chicken? I think it would, try it and let me know?


KennyT said...

I like black chicken, the meat is more velvety and tender, and like its name, very silky too!

Jo said...

I never knew black chicken is called a silkie! We too get this in double boiled soup and they say it's suppose to be good for you.

megara said...

you're a great photographer, and it looks like a great cook too! looks delicious!


TS of eatingclub vancouver said...

I've never had coconut meat in a savory soup before!

tigerfish said...

I never seen coconut sold in packages like that before! This soup might be so refreshing light and naturally tasty.

Pei-Lin said...

Interesting! Little did I know black chicken is called "silkie!" I love soup like this ... looks so comforting to me ...


Little Corner of Mine said...

Like Tigerfish, I have never seen the coconut sold in this way yet. Would love to taste it!

Unknown said...

I have been making lots of black chicken soup too. I put in ginger, chicken, and dried goji berries, and flavored with dried scallops.

Tuty said...


Is the coconut considered "kelapa setengah tua" or "kelapa tua"? Paling sebel kalau harus nyungkil kelapa dari batoknya :-)

Unknown said...

hi tuty, kelapanya kelapa tua deh, aku ga cungkil seh, cuma dibilas trus masukin semuanya langsung dari paketnya. kelapanya engga aku makan kok, cuma buat rasa di supnya aja :D

Alisa said...

I've been looking for some great recipes for silkie chicken and this looks perfect.If you wont mind I'd love to guide Foodista readers to this post.Just add the foodista widget to the end of this post and it's all set, Thanks!