Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lucky Dessert: Durians - Love, Hate & Everything in Between

You're either a durian person or you aren't.

...or I just haven't met anyone who's in between.

...or you love durians only when they're frozen and pretty much lost all of its stinks/fragrance. Let's face it, those can no longer be regarded as durians.

...or maybe you used to love durians so much, you overate and got super sick of it and now you are a major durian hater.

...or nothing in this world is black and white.
There are greys and shocking pinks everywhere...there are always exceptions.

In my case, I'd consider myself a major durian lover. I think they are fragrant, sweet, creamy, yummy, velvety, and they come in my favorite color...from the prettiest pale to the richest and most intense....glorious yellow.

I love my durians as they are, nothing else necessary, don't turn them into sorbet, ice cream, candies, or god forbid...sushi. Please, just DON'T.

But...(in life, we always need a but) I love how Lucky Dessert dealt with durians. They serve my favorite durian desserts ever!

Durian Baked Puff Rolls (HK$37 ~ US$4.8).
Durian goodness wrapped in flaky, butter puff pastry, dusted with sugar? Oh yes! A million times YES!

...and these Top Grade Durian in Sticky Rice Rolls (HK$38 ~ US$4.8)...
Sweet and creamy goodness in chewy sticky rice wrap...dusted with steamed coconut flakes....simply toe-curling!

What a sinful bite.

There's only one thing. They garnished everything with a strawberry, and not a good one. Even a good strawberry may pale in comparison to Durian's pungent flavor and fragrance.....the strawberry had no business being there, hmm....apart to look pretty.

If you're a durian person, who happened to be in town, and would like to try these durian goodnesses...

Get ready to queue for a seat.

Lucky Dessert
G/F 27 Soy Street, Mongkok
Tel: +852 2332 8919

or go to their less known branch...

Shop 10, G/F, Grand Tower
369 Nathan Road, Mongkok
Tel: +852 2396 6928
If you aren't a durian person or everything else in between, no worries.
They also serve non durian desserts.


Ravenous Couple said...

those sticky rice ones are just like mochi! gears are churning in our heads..hmm...we've definitely made mochi before..

Kana said...

i LOVE durian!!!!!! I am intrigued by the flaky durian filled pastry.

KennyT said...

Rita, I can't stand durians, haha.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Wow, salivating!

EatTravelEat said...

Wow, so cool! You are tempting me to write about a durian dessert I had in Guangzhou now :). These creations of durian are new to me, especially the sticky rice rolls. Looks so pretty in your photos!

Another place to jot down to visit when I visit HK :).

pigpigscorner said...

I love love love durian!! those durian sweets look amazing, have to visit this place when I visit one day!

Chrystal said...

I am sooo going to stand in that cue!!!! 5 weeks till I am in town :D

M said...

I wish that I visit this place when I went to HK.

I had Durian pancake at Honeymoon Dessert which I lovvved, but would like to try these yummy durian desserts too!