Monday, April 27, 2009

Warung Pregina, Sanur, Bali - Cooking Absence

You guys must have noticed that I haven't been cooking.
Here are some excuses reasons:
- Painting Mess
- A girl will never have enough bathroom storage
- Finding an indoor laundry hanger
...and...I have all these gorgeous and delicious food from Bali, which would be such a waste not to show off share.

Warung Pregina - Balinese and Seafood

The decor is very charming, with touches of Balinese everywhere, warung style bar, open air, relaxed, soothing and pretty cool for a super hot day.

We were lucky to have found this place on our way from a consuming day dodging seaweeds at Sindhu beach. Which treats would be suitable to feed four hungry monsters? First thing's first. Something to cool us down.

Hibiscus tea. Icy cold and very refreshing , ask for a separate cup of sugar syrup to control the level of sweetness. The spicy potato chips only left us wanting more!

Another great non-alcoholic highlight....the lemon squash, we ordered multiple tall glasses of this.

The cumi bakar (spicy grilled squid) was fantastic! The squid was grilled perfectly, none of those gummy extra chewy pieces. They are just perfect!

We could smell the fragrance of this grilled shrimp dish meters away....absolutely fantastic. Smoky, spicy, springy goodness. The picture at the beginning of this post is the garlic and chilli prawns with fries. I know I know... why would I order fries in Bali? But I couldn't help it. I crave fries sometimes...and they were delicious with the spicy garlicky prawns.

The place named their dishes with adorable names, such as siap panggang metok tok (spicy grilled chicken). However they called was delicious. The meat was tender and all the intimidating red chilli on top of it was not that hot, just bursting with flavors.

Save the best for last is always my motto, even when working on blog posts. My sis was the lucky biyatch who ordered the bet dish for the day, the bebek goreng (fried duck). Crispy skin, tender, tasty meat...oh my....I am so gonna order that next time.

Some sweetness to fight over share, black glutinous rice topped with vanilla ice cream and bananas. Wonderfully sticky and sweet...but I'd save some space for...

My favorite, hard-to-find-in-Hong-Kong dessert, tape goreng (fermented cassava rolled in wonton skin, fried, and topped with vanilla ice cream). This made me swoon and provoked me to do the following...

Both of us, who can't even ride a bike, let alone a motorcycle, pretending to be street racers. Bah! I should've cropped this picture higher.

Warung Pregina
Jl. Danau Tamblingan 106
Sanur, Bali
Tel. +62-361-283353


lisa said...

hi Rita, 'lam kenal ya..
love the pics and you successfully made my mouth water *drool*
so, tastewise from 1 (yummiest) to 5, what would you score this restaurant?


Elsye said...

Riitt...awwww bikinnnn laferrr ajee, potone bikin ngacaayyy..hikkss..ayuuu22

Lidia Sianturi said...

asyemmmmm...prawnnya bikin ngiler...

Heather said...

your photos are lovely, and that hibiscus tea looks delicious! welcome back :) you were missed!

Anonymous said...

Oh *droool* at the fried duck and the dessert ^^! Yuummmm

Unknown said...

@lisa...for the bebek goreng... 5.5! hehehe

GS said...

Now you've made me really jealous. Pregina was my favourite eating place in Sanur. Great cooking and so cheap.

I want to go there now for some grilled fish!

Anonymous said...

I didn't enjoy Sanur very much, but stumbled upon Warung Pregina and it (almost) redeemed the whole stop in Sanur. Great photos of the place!