Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pizza Drama at Papa's Cafe, Kuta, Bali

Want a dinner with a side of drama? You got it!
This was the most dramatic pizza I've ever had!
It was surely a feast for my eyes, quenched my thirst for drama, but did it do wonders on my tongue?

We started off with something spicy. Grilled bacon wrapped green chillis stuffed with cream cheese. It wasn't really spicy, but it was tasty. Hmmm, anything wrapped in bacon and stuffed with cheese's bound to be tasty, right? A great combo!

The Pomodoro e Basilico soup, served with pesto toast...very tomatoey and you can really smell the fragrance of basil. It was one of the best tomato soup I've ever had.

The lobster bisque served with mozzarella toast on the other hand, was rather bland, it was so underseasoned, we almost had it with a side of table salt.

Now...are you ready for the drama?

...and let it begin...this looks nothing like the large meat lovers I normally order from Pizza Hut...


Call 999, my pizza is on fire!!!

The top comes off after it was perfectly scorched, and we had this goodness underneath. The Kintamani Volcano Pizza boasts Beef Ham, Sausage, and Beef Salami, with mozzarella cheese and tomato based sauce. The highlight of the pizza was of course, the thin and perfectly chewy can totally eat the mushroom-like top as well!

We were totally starved after a day (of lying around and shopping) at Kuta we ordered a good ol' classic lasagna. How was it? Hmmm, it's decent, but I've had better.

We should've ordered based on the drama of the dishes...we were rather upset we didn't get to order this dish...we were gawking at it, all green with envy...

She said "Grandma! That's yours!". From the back of her head, I could tell that grandma was a little flabbergasted. She was probably thinking..."I miss those days when food was just food, and the only drama queen was me"

Nothing ends such a meal better than chocolate. Hell, nothing ends or starts anything better than chocolate.

So, we ordered the Warm Chocolate Cake, which was voted the best in Bali in 2005. Clearly, 2005 is a lot different from 2009, as the warm cake presented to us was indeed...unwarm. It was good, but if it was the best in Bali...then Bali should probably learn to do better.

Now, if you are easily disgusted, or just had your dinner...please refrain from viewing below picture. Consider yourself warned....

I just had had had to do this. It's practically a ritual!

For better entertainment...request your cheesiest love songs. The band will serenade 'em beautifully for you, and they'd thank you in at least fivelanguages: Indonesian, English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean.

Papa's Cafe
Jalan Pantai Legian
Tel: +62 361 755055


Jescel said...

wow.. another feast you had there, girl! that pizza is dramatic, indeed! and your pic with that pizza top is sooo cute. It does look like mushroom, huh?

Little Corner of Mine said...

Wow, that was a great culinary experience! Fire pizza!

EatTravelEat said...

Oh my! So beautiful. And the volcano pizza is something very intriguing. Never have seen that before! It is amazing that the inside stays so perfect while the outside becomes all browned :)

Love the presentations of the dishes, and great photography :).

Screamin' Mama said...

What a cool evening out! I would love to try that pizza!

Jagungmanis said...

menarik banget ki...
terutama pizza ajaib e.
pancen mirip jamur iku, nak mbok nggo topinan :))

Anonymous said...

WOOOWW dinner AND a show!! I love it! Hee hee mushroom head :P

GS said...

Glad you had some Storm beer to put out the fire :)

koekoeh gesang said...


James Hezekiah said...

what a drama! really amazing. gonna grab some of those meals soon.