Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Southern Weekend

It's been a while since I left my neighborhood of comfort (my place is just too convenient, I could have anything within walking distance, thus I don't get out of the office-grocer-home-gym-home-office ritual). One fine weekend, finally, my sous chef successfully dragged my lazy ass all the way to the Southern end of Hong Kong, The South Horizon and Ap Lei Chau district.
After surviving the 1 hour bus ride, replenishment was needed to walk down the whole 28 floors of window shopping at Horizon Plaza (my new retail therapy = window shopping). Tried these tasty cheese balls from KFC. Yum!

Lovely view from the bus ride to and from South Horizon, you can see the famous Jumbo Floating Restaurant there (I'll need a tele lens and a new camera for a closer shot hehe leaning wayy outside the bus = not possible, air conditioned bus = windows can't be opened, not to mention....suicidall...suicidalll...)

View from South Horizon residential complex, walking down to Horizon Plaza at Lee Wing St. Start from the top, walk your way down...mid way, on 11/F, I found this delightful little cup cake shop, Babycakes perfect for some sugar refill.

The decor is really cuter than pie, with a cluster of toys for kids to go crazy (imagine your 2-3 year olds high on SUGAR) while parents treat themselves to little cups of espresso (to deal with kids' sugar rush later)

Staying true to my blogname, ordered 1 Mocha & 1 Chocolate ^_^ although there are many other mouth watering kinds of cupcakes. They were truly yummy, or I would have been tempted to change my blog name to MeatyCheesy-Rita

One of my favorite window shopping spots: Shambala. A hugeeee shop full of Indian goodies

Another favorite drool-worthy spots: Tequila Kola. The best shop styling I've seen in Hong Kong.


Little Corner of Mine said...

It's nice to get out of the house. And that cupcakes look petite but yummy nevertheless.

SIG said...

The topping of the cupcake looks really good.

Unknown said...

lcom, yeah...a breath of fresh air :) the cupcakes are really petite! tiny! hehehe still not good for waist line though haha

hi sgirg, yeah...hihihik i just love the chocolatey ones kekeke

Anonymous said...

Oh i love Hong Kong so much!
I've been there twice and i can't wait to go back. The food..aah the food!! :-)

Unknown said...

hi zen chef! yessss i loveee hong kong! just get back here...more food waiting just for ya! :)