Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Crunchy Fish & Creamy Spinach

I've playing Popeye lately, eating loads of spinach. This time I want 'em with crunchy fish and creamy sauce for contrast. ^_* Oh, I conveniently forgot that I am not supposed to eat anything crunchy yet...but what the heck, just another secret to keep from my doc.

I bet people keep naughty secrets from their docs all the time:
- I exercise daily (Doc: your heart rate doesn't say so)
- I only eat healthy stuff, lots of greens, no cheeseburgers, no fish and chips (Doc: your blood pressure surely disagreed with you)
- I haven't been near any spicy food for weeks now (Doc: I bet that's why your sore throat never got better)
Latest one I heard from my friend:
- I didn't eat anything wrong (her Chinese doctor: whatever you've eaten or done, YOU, yourself know best *or something to this effect* with very VERY skeptic tone)
So, on my recent visit to the doc:
Doc: So, what have you been eating after the surgery?
Me: *pretended I didn't hear anything*...
Doc: So, what have you been eating after the surgery?
Me: *mumbled something incomprehensible* mmmfffghhhrrggh...mmm?
Doc: So, what have you been eating after the surgery?
Me: errr...stuff?
Doc: what stuff?
Me: hmm meat...rice...veggie...
Doc: Good, keep it soft, ok?
Me: *staring at my toes*
- Boneless fish fillets
- Juice of 1 lime
- bread crumbs, salt, pepper, sugar
- finely chopped garlic
- spinach
- cream
- olive oil

Marinate fish fillets with lime juice. Mix bread crumbs with some salt, pepper, sugar. Dip fish fillets into bread crumbs mix, brown it on hot pan with a bit of olive oil, set aside on paper towel. Saute garlic, add spinach, add salt, pepper sugar, add cream. Serve together.

*Boys and girls, please do not try this at home* (the keeping secrets from the doc ^_^ the fish and spinach combo is ok)


daphne said...

oo. I love fish sticks! hey.. when u break open the crust..the fish is soft ;p

SIG said...

Hahha, so funny you.

Unknown said...

haha.. what a cutie you are...and thanks so much for the recipe.. i had not idea what to do with my fish fillets in the freezer and now thanks to you, i know exactly what to do with them...hugs!

Anonymous said...

kekekekek...no fritters at all...poor you :D

Ritaaaa....i reaaallllyy lovee fish sticks..thanks for sharing the recipe

Anonymous said...

Hi Rita! Cute post :)
I love fried fish.

Peter M said...

Crunchy fish is the best...the Dr. would approve!

Cate said...

Oh the fish looks so deliciously crunchy - yum!

Wandering Chopsticks said...

No! I absolutely forbid you from eating crunchy food! I want you to get better, not cheat the doctor. You're only cheating yourself.

Eat the spinach only OK? Or don't coat or fry the fish. Steam.

KC said...

GAsk your sous chef to make you congee, Rita. Nice and soft to slide down the throat.

Unknown said...

hi daphne, you are absolutely right, the inside part of the fish qualifies as soft ;p

sig, keke...if only i found it funny when i felt sore throat haha...(touch wood)

yozora...maybe you can make yours even more crunchy?

elsye, ini sih versi gampang, sembarangan aza hehe

hi maryann, ehm in fact, i love anything fried

hi peter, yeah doctor would approve to punish me by locking me up and feeding me congee non stop (oh...this really scares me)

cate, ehm yes...and crunchy isnt good for me :(

wand-chop, yeah...i cudn't resist, i gave in to temptation...food (especially crunchy ones) is really my weakness

hi kc, excellent idea! but i am sure sous chef will just go and buy pork & century eggs congee hehe

Jessy and her dog Winnie said...

That looks delicious, the fish looks so yummy and golden brown!

test it comm said...

That looks tasty. I like the crispy fried fish and creamed spinach combo.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Your fish fillets sure look very crunchy! *crunch crunch*

tigerfish said...

The crunchy fish fillets sounds so good! Done almost like what I get in frozen fish fillets (birdeye's brand fish fingers!

Salt N Turmeric said...

haha. loved tht conversation w ur doc. so busted. :P

Unknown said...

hmm..just saw your recipe and am thinking to try the spinach...but which cream are you using?

Unknown said...

hi thisis, i normally use thickened cream ;)