Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fun Weekend at Shek O Beach & Village, Hong Kong

Shek O Beach has got to me my favorite beach in Hong Kong. I love the big waves and the clean super fine sand.

OB loves it too, after our holiday in Bali (which I must blog about before next year), he is getting addicted to playing at the beach.

After playing at the beach, we had a lovely lunch at a Thai eatery just across the road from the beach.
The food's decent, and the price isn't a rip off. We love it.

To fight food coma, we had a walk around the lovely village. Look at all these gorgeousness...

Of course I had to make SC do a narcissistic pose against this lovely old window.

Since none of us fancy carrying a naughty 3 year old, so we decided to drive through Shek O Village Road to view the amazing rocky beach at the end of the village.

We had fun doing silly poses, sadly there's no mommy in the picture. 
Sobs... don't worry, I did manage to include myself in photos from time to time by doing selfies.

To summarize, my favorite things to do in Shek O are:
1. Being a lazy bum hanging around the beach without getting into the water - preferably with a good read, snacks and drinks
2. Eat my way through the village
3. Exploring & photographing the village
4. Gawking at the amazing view, listening to the big waves hitting the rocks
But you can also do some hiking, surfing, flying kites, BBQ, getting pre-wedding photos taken, gawking at those getting their pre-wedding photos taken (we saw at least 3 different couples), etc etc etc. Enjoy!

How to go to Shek O?
Take MTR to Shau Kei Wan station & then take bus no 9.
If you drive, be there early (before noon). Parking space goes fast on weekends.


Gene said...

Beautiful photos as always! The Thai food looked absolutely gorgeous and delicious!!

veny said...

wowww keren !
Love it so much ! meski aku blng pantai di Indo jauh lbh keren Rit , seperti Lombok , Belitung itu bgs banget pantai nya .

Unknown said...

Hey rita, thanks for the advice! i succesfully come back from hongkong and seriously getting fatter :)