Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Making & Behind the Scene - Hello Kitty Food Blogger Sausage Sculpture for the Cock Up

Hello Kitty Food Blogger - My Blog is Cuter Than Yours - Cocktail Sausage Food Sculpture
All the mess and madness before the cocktail sausage cook up.

I didn't plan to make a sausage sculpture before, I knew cutetifying food isn't my forte.
Hello Kitty Food Blogger - My Blog is Cuter Than Yours - Cocktail Sausage Food Sculpture

What did I plan to make?
Welcome to my Hall of FAILURES.
Cocktail Sausage Cheesecake
Cocktail Sausage Savoury Cheesecake. 
The idea sounded good in my head, I used Maid brand's honey cocktail sausages, they're a bit sweet, so I thought they would work. I thought of making tarts instead of a huge cake, topped with glazed apples, peaches, or grapes, or a mix of fruits...maybe garnished with a piece of thinly sliced, deep fried crispy cocktail sausage.

Wow. Ambitious, wasn't I?

Well, obviously, I failed. Hard.
Cocktail Sausage Cheesecake
I food processed the cocktail sausages into the cheesecake batter. The cheesecake ended up fluffy, more Japan than New York, which was fine, but the tiny bits of sausage made the cake super weird, and not in a good way. I probably should've left them sliced to give the cake bits of bite. You can see that I've failed the cream cracker crust too. I was too impatient waiting for it to set. Oppps.
I'll do better next time...

Apple Cocktail Sausage Savoury Crumble
Apple, Pear & Cocktail Sausage Savoury Crumble
Again, the idea sounded good in my head, but the whole thing tasted so damn weird. I should've probably leave the fruits uncooked or pickled. Crisp the sausages and make the crumble separately and assemble them together in small shot glasses or something. This crumble topping was savoury, maybe I should've made the crumble topping sweet? I dunno, but I'll explore this idea and try again.

I realized I should stick to what I know instead of trying to be a smart ass, I'm a one trick pony after all. Heheheh. That's how I ended up with my dishes, sweet & sour sausages and the Indonesian sate sosis.

As for the Hello Kitty craziness...
I just wanted to have fun and create something mad for the event, instead of just bringing dishes.
I thought of making a whole table of food bloggers, most of them would resemble the bloggers who would attend the event, but OK, that's too damn ambitious, there's no way I could do that.

Then I thought of creating a mini me (a food blogger) out of cocktail sausages, but ok that's so damn narcissistic, I feel disgusted even as I am typing this up. Ugh.

So what's cute, somewhat relevant to Hong Kong, and relevant to the event?
Uh huh! Hello Kitty food blogger, my friend.
Hello Kitty Food Blogger - My Blog is Cuter Than Yours - Cocktail Sausage Food Sculpture
I used these light colored small sausages. A tanned Hello Kitty would be cute too, but I tried to be as close as its original colors.

I bought a variety of stuff to realize my Kitty ambition.
Hello Kitty Food Blogger - My Blog is Cuter Than Yours - Cocktail Sausage Food Sculpture
Seaweed and seaweed strands for the eyes and whiskers, cheese for the nose, maybe add some food coloring for the red bow. Crackers and cracker sticks in case I need to build a table...

Hello Kitty Food Blogger - My Blog is Cuter Than Yours - Cocktail Sausage Food Sculpture
I had to make a lot of plan's hard to stick anything to the sausages as they're oily! Everything slides down and fall off when touched, especially after the oil's dried out. I ended up using rice for the nose, stuck it to the face using a toothpick. I used honey as glue, small sharp scissors and tweezers helped a lot!

Hello Kitty Food Blogger - My Blog is Cuter Than Yours - Cocktail Sausage Food Sculpture
What's a food blogger without food? This was pretty straight forward. Rice, seaweed strands, toothpicks and sliced cocktail sausages to resemble luncheon meat. Very Hong Kong la!

The camera's made of sausage wrapped with seaweed. This failed in the end, after a while, the seaweed peeled off..and I had a bit of a disaster with the bow too...the cheese melted. I was so upset. I tried to keep everything savoury, as if we're going to end up eating the whole thing (warning, food poisoning?), but in the end I gave up and made the bow and camera out of pink Sugus candies.
Hello Kitty Food Blogger - My Blog is Cuter Than Yours - Cocktail Sausage Food Sculpture
The slogan "my blog is cuter than yours" was made out of alphabet pasta and changed the banner to resemble a talk icon.

Whew! It's been so long since I've been so mad.
It felt so good, I look forward to more madness.

More pics are posted on my Facebook Page.


Lidia Sianturi said...


Lidia Sianturi said...


aki! said...

I seriously feel like you know so much about presentation.

Safe in the Steep Cliffs said...

whoa whoa whoa.. at first i thought that you used spaggethi o's for your letters cus they look so much alike.

oh oh and i find nothing wrong with the Cocktail Sausage Savoury Cheesecake. is that wrong?!


-robots in trouble

Joanne said...

Dude I would have had no idea where to even BEGIN with this! I'm super impressed!

Anonymous said...

Hee hee cute is an understatement!

gwenstella said...

did u eat hello kitty after taking pics of it? :P i wouldn't bear to eat it after all that work that had gone into it!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

The food your calling 'failures' is making my mouth water, they still look damn good.
Hello Kitty + sushi = amazing!

Check you out!

Girl about Town XxX

Safe in the Steep Cliffs said...

Awww! I could totally hug you right now. I really wish that there was a love button on FB page, but since there isn't I'll just think that you clicked on the "love" button.

It totally sucks that you ended up mixing up your personal FB page with your fan page! Well, once you made one that you officially wanna use, be sure to let me know! So that I can tell people about it !! ^__^

-Robots in Trouble

Little Corner of Mine said...

So cute! Must be hard to make something that tiny.

t said...

Cute kitty.

Jescel said...

props for your imagination! i'm sure those recipes will work out next time you do it.. but that hello kitty sausage is darn cute. you are so creative!