Monday, April 4, 2011

Padang Indonesia Restaurant, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Look what I've found in Hong Kong?
Padang Indonesia Restaurant
Asinan Bogor! A spicy, sweet and tangy picked fruits and vegetables dish that's super refreshing and absolutely perfect for warmer weather. Normally it's either fruits or vegetables, but they've gone untraditional by mixing both. The dish as chunks of cucumber, cabbage, jicama, mango, pineapple, topped with roasted peanuts and everything worked together b.  I'll surely be going back often for this dish in summer.

Padang Indonesia Restaurant
The tahu telor is one of my favorite dishes from Padang. Crispy and fluffy fried eggs and tofu with soft filling, drizzled with flavorful sweet, almost smoky sauce, with crunch from the sprouts. A very satisfying dish despite having no meat.

Padang Indonesia Restaurant
My number one favorite dish from this place, anything with their wonderfully chewy handmade noodles. This Jakarta fried noodles showcase the noodles, accompanying it with a balance of flavors, a touch garlicky, just like what we have in Indonesia. There are so many components in this dish...crunchy, sweet veggies, hearty chunks of chicken, refreshing touch of pickled vegetables, topped with sliced fried eggs and crispy shallot...everything made it perfect. I can't dine here without ordering one of their noodle dishes.

Padang Indonesia Restaurant
The Padang roast chicken is super yummydespite being so different from the typical "Padang" dishes served in Indonesia, which is normally very savory, spicy and coconut milky. This one has a lot more sweetness and smokiness to it, but I don't mind it at all, absolutely flavorful.

Padang Indonesia Restaurant
The sayur lodeh (vegetables cooked in coconut milk) would cure any Indonesian who's home sick. The flavors are spot on, just like what we have in Indonesia. The perfect tasty vegetable side dish.

Padang Indonesia Restaurant
Their sate might not be the best in Hong Kong, but the meat is tender, flavorful and it has the charcoal  smokiness that you can't replicate at home. More than decent.

Padang Indonesia Restaurant
The nasi kuning (yellow rice) is nicely done too. Fragrant and delicious from all the herbs, spices and coconut milk in it. Only available on Saturdays and Sundays though ;)

The durian smoothie, very creamy, rich, full of durian flavor from fresh durian flesh. Absolutely sinful, but totally worth it.

I am not a big fan of durian es cendol, as I love my cendol (the green worm shaped bits made of rice flour) a bit chewier, and I dislike the "Hong Kong" addition such as red bean, whipped cream and the cherry on top.

If you're not a durian lover and would like to sample some Indonesian drink-dessert, try the es campur (mixed ice). It has all kinds of sweet goodies such as grass jelly chunks, young coconut flesh, young mango flesh, palm seeds, jackfruit, syrup and coconut mik. I am not a big fan, but ordered it from time to time when I am homesick :)

Padang Indonesia Restaurant
Shop 1&2, JP Plaza, 22-36 Paterson St, Causeway Bay
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2881 5075


Unknown said...

I walked past this 1-2 nights ago and thought instantly of you! Now you're blogging on it again! :D That eggy dish with bean sprouts, I got to kick myself if I don't order that next time. And the noodles - still haven't tried :S

Unknown said...

K, must must MUST try! and please do NOT order spring rolls in Indonesian restaurants, pretty please :D heheheh

Gastronomous Anonymous said...

oh i miss this place!! i love asinan bogor! yum!

shellie said...

yum....that egg dish with the sprouts did look mighty delicious....and the sate....i love it when rice is shaped....i just got up and now i am soooo hungry!

Joanne said...

Why do I always feel so deprived of delicious food when I come here? Looks amazing!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Oh yummy, the food look flavorful!

Mummy S said...

argh! tauhu telor! I've been craving for that since i was preggie! all the food looks yum yum! And i dont like the addition of the whipped cream and cherry too.. so un chendo-ish ..

Sarah said...

Ah,I must try this place since I am yet to eat any real Indonesian food. Thanks!

Sarah said...

I'm back to say thanks again--I reposted this in my weekend links post today.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mochachocolata-Rita:

I am not very internet saavy and have never Blogged or posted comments on blogs, so please excuse me if I am violating any rules here.

I was born in HK and moved to Canada years ago. I'm coming back to HK for a visit in November. There are no Indonesian restaurants in Toronto (where I live in Canada) anymore. I so, so, so, miss Indonesian food. As you seemed to have tried so many in HK, please tell me the best ones to go to ... this Padang seems like a good candidate. Are there any others you would recommend? Please post another comment on this blog. I will be checking back. Let me know if there is any way I can communicate with you. Many thanx!

Indonesian food lover.

Unknown said...

Hi Indonesian food lover, I'd like to recommend Bali restaurant in Jordan (near Jordan MTR station). Recommended dishes: beef rawon, fried chicken, fried beehoon (rice noodles), sate, pecel :)