Friday, August 13, 2010

What the Locals Love - Satay King, Mongkok, Hong Kong

I am using the term "the locals" very loosely here.
We do have local food snobs too, those who only eat food from Robuchon, Caprice, Ming Court kinda locals, etc...
By "the locals" I meant hundreds of people who gave "yummy" icon to places like this, Satay King on
...and yes, by "the locals" I meant SC ^_*

This particular outlet of Satay King is tucked away at a corner of Ladies Market, Mongkok...the decor is...cheesy to say the least...and still, I couldn't help but wanting to be seated at one of those fancy sheer curtains decorated booths, or what "the locals" call "car seats". I bet I could get nice aerial view of Mongkok from those seats. Maybe next time :)
Satay King, Mongkok

We ordered two of our favorite items from Satay King, first is Satay Beef Vermicelli.
Satay King, Mongkok
The delightful bowl has a generous serving of vermicelli, thinly sliced fatty beef, and a good crunch from bean sprouts. The satay broth itself? Oh my, tasty, oily, lip-smacking, MSG-laden goodness.

Another favorite, Fried Pork Chop in White Curry Sauce with Rice.
Satay King, Mongkok
Hong Kong style guilty pleasure at its best. Heavily spiced, meat-tenderized, super tasty deep fried pork chop, swimming in a pool of thick, MSG-rich, garlicky, creamy white curry gravy, topped with crispy shallot, thinly sliced onion and spring onion. I bet this gravy tastes fantastic on anything, it was unbelievably delicious with rice.

We knew we were guilty, so we tried to somehow "balance" it by ordering something with vegetables in it, the Broccoli with Crab Meat.
Satay King, Mongkok
It arrives looking unexpectedly appetizing...and it didn't taste as bad as I imagined it to fact, I was pleasantly surprised! The broccoli florets were perfectly cooked, and the crab meat and egg white gravy was rather yummy (I bet it's the MSG, but what the heck).

We shouldn't have ordered too much...but our "eyes" were hungry browsing the menu (as always), and we ordered a side of Shrimp Spring Rolls.
Satay King, Mongkok
Actually, you can sprinkle whatever with MSG, wrap it in a spring roll wrapper, deep fry it and serve with miracle whip. It's bound to be good, right? Yes, these were okay, nothing ground-breaking or earth-shattering, it was just nice to have something long and crunchy to mop the white curry gravy clean ;)

We've ordered lychee and nata the coco soda and salty lemon 7-up, which were okay, at least there was something sweet and icy to help us cope with our MSG intake. The whole meal costs HK$166 (for two, but I bet what we ordered could easily feed three/four ^_*), and we were given a bottle of XO sauce as a gift.


Satay King (
1/F, 24 Tung Choi Street, Mongkok
Tel: +852 2770 1711
Hong Kong

Click here for Satay King's other branches.


sydneylyn said...

I saw this resto when we were there in HK but we never tried it... I am full of regrets right now hahaha

Little Corner of Mine said...

Wow, sure looks rich and yummy! Love the free XO sauce!

Joanne said...

Why hello there beautiful delicious food. Why don't you exist in the US?

Cooking Gallery said...

Even though you write that the shrimp spring rolls were nothing 'earth shattering', they look very good to me, seem to be very crunchy on the outside and smooth inside.

Nasan Faris Naufal said...

loves the Fried Pork Chop in White Curry Sauce

tigerfish said...

So only the first dish is "satay"? I thought it might be a satay-themed place.

Luatica said...

Those beef vermicelli and that broth... *drool*

YaYa said...

I've never heard of white curry sauce before, it sounds fantastic! I think those gauzey curtains look great all arabian nights romance!

Jackie said...

When I visit HK this Christmas (I'll email you about this) I want you to take me here. I NEED MY MSG FIX.

Jax x

pigpigscorner said...

woah, everything looks super tasty, esp the vermicelli!

Mrs Ergül said...

when they say 1st floor it actually means 2nd floor in singapore, right?
hehe perfectly fried shrimp spring rolls! I have recently discovered my love for using Vietnamese rice paper wrappers as spring roll wrappers.

Noob Cook said...

everything I visit your blog, I feel compelled to book air tix to HK again hehe :p

Retha said...

What exit, when i want go there, pls

Unknown said...

There is one very near exit E1 mongkok MTR station, just look to your right, it is upstairs, you won't miss it.