Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Tea Party

Last weekend, my friends and I had a small "high tea" party at home. The idea is...trying to recreate the hip and happening "high tea" we normally have in upscale restaurants/hotels at home. Being a bunch of hopeless lazy asses we are, we didn't plan to cook/make anything, well maybe the bare minimum.
High Tea DIY
Our game plan was...if you can buy it outside, do it. With that in mind, we did our little "task allocation":

J: Savory pastries
S: Indonesian snacks (sweet & savory)
F: Sweet pastries
R: Sandwiches, drinks, fruits
D&K: "Entertainment" & photo bitches heheheh (sorry guys~)

Apart from the above tasks, everyone is free to get whatever the heck it is they fancy, even if it's beyond their category..and as expected, we delivered beyond customers expectations ^_^ and ended up with a table full of deliciousness!
High Tea DIY
What kind of tea did we have? I was planning to serve earl grey, Indonesian jasmine tea and mint tea...but due to the heat, we ended up having iced green tea, iced water and ahem...iced Coke ^_*

We surely had some savory goodnesses...Japanese corn chewy donuts & sausage wrap...
High Tea DIY

Plenty of Indonesian goodies...risoles, kroket, lemper, pastel tutup, klepon, durian mochi, kue lapis...yum!
High Tea DIY

Croissant, Japanese choco chip and red bean chewy cutest shapes imaginable!
High Tea DIY

Of course, we gotta have scones, jams in cute little containers and custard filled pastries
High Tea DIY

...and some spectacular looking cakes...fruit pastries, chestnut napoleon...oh my!
High Tea DIY

Indonesian nastar nanas and klepon...
High Tea DIY

Spongy goodness in the shape of sandwiches...
High Tea DIY

High Tea DIY

...and something that's sweet and savory...
grilled bacon wrapped pineapple drizzled with maple syrup.
High Tea DIY
- Half a pineapple, peel skin off, remove core and cut into bite sized chunks
- Bacon
- Maple syrup
- Toothpicks (if possible, soak toothpicks in water for 1 hour to prevent from burning)
Preheat oven to 200C. Wrap pineapple chunks with bacon, secure with toothpicks, lay on lightly greased baking tray, drizzle with maple syrup, bake until golden brown.

Of course we took lots and lots of pictures...our new photo bitch did very very well, he deserves a raise!
High Tea DIY

...and Jason tasted the blessing (or curse) of flexibility...that is Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 :D
High Tea DIY

...and of course, what's a gathering without a little gambling? ;)
High Tea DIY
Monopoly deal HK$20/game, the game where we can be a property tycoon/conglomerate for a few hours :D

...and since there was a truckload of food, we didn't go ahead and make sandwiches, so I just ate it the next day as breakfast...
High Tea DIY
Creamy Minced Chicken Sandwich
- 1/2 lb minced chicken
- quarter of an onion, diced
- 1 tsp butter, a dash of olive oil
- mayo, ketchup, sweet relish, salt, black pepper
Saute onion in butter and a bit of olive oil until fragrant and transparent, add chicken until cooked through, season well. Set aside to cool down. Once cool, add mayo, a touch of ketchup, sweet relish, and mix well. Spread on sandwich bread of your choice.

*Recipes are inspired by/adapted from Pioneer Woman

'Til our next delicious gathering, guys~


Maria said...

You had me at durian mochi! This looks stunning, well done!

busygran said...

Wah! What a spread! Bet you had fun! :)

Unknown said...

twas indeed fun! the durian mochi was absolutely delicious... hmhmhm... might have to buy some more!

pam said...

Looks like a great time!

Joanne said...

This looks like such a fun tea party! I would have eaten myself into a coma.

Allie said...

wow, this is the coolesst idea! High tea at home with such a yummy spread. You must have enjoyed that very much!

pigpigscorner said...

Wow, nice spread of food! can I come too???

tigerfish said...

What a perfect tea party. Almost too pretty to be consumed.

Little Corner of Mine said...

What a spread! Lovely tea party!

Hana Talita said...

gorgeous tea party. that bacon pinapple maple syrup combination is genius, wow that's worth a try :D

Sarah said...

Looks delicious and beautiful. Pineapple, bacon, and maple syrup sound like a great combination!

Anonymous said...

i like onde onde! my favourite!

ylfriends said...

What a lovely setting! It was so funny how you said if you could get it outside, get it outside LOL That's actually a very fun idea to have tea at home. I like fancy tea with floral and/or fruity aroma for teas..however I almost always associate Jasmine with more savory type of food.