Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weekend Picnic at Hong Kong Park

We were dying to take baby Marcus for a picnic. Getting outside, breathing some (fresh?) air...ideally, playing around knowing that he'd land on a soft pillowy bed of grass when he fell, and enjoyed some homemade picnic spread.
"Picnic" at Hong Kong Park
Ideally being the operative word, since there was no field of grass to sit on anywhere, we surely didn't prepare any homemade picnic food, and the air's probably polluted ;)
But at least the sky was blue, the temperature was the perfect 26C, and we got to sit outside surrounded by trees, flowers and grass field we're not allowed to sit on.

Where were we?
Hong Kong Park, the back terrace of the Tea Museum. Heheheheh. Opps, we're probably not supposed to camp there, but there's no other place to sit T_T

What did we have?
We bought some food from Great supermarket, started our meal with a refreshing salad...
"Picnic" at Hong Kong Park

Various pieces of Thai snacks...
"Picnic" at Hong Kong Park
The fish cake was especially spicy and delicious!

"Picnic" at Hong Kong Park
Shrimp cake's not bad...

The seafood paella was probably a bad choice.
"Picnic" at Hong Kong Park
Mushy rice with overcooked seafood bits...the flavors were good though.

A bowl of fruits to end our meal with...
"Picnic" at Hong Kong Park
All fresh, all good.

We let baby Marcus taste each and every piece...
"Picnic" at Hong Kong Park

He was enjoying himself.
"Picnic" at Hong Kong Park
We were stupid enough to let him "taste" a grape, he almost swallowed and choked on it. Luckily we removed the grape in time. Whew! An important lesson for us.

"Picnic" at Hong Kong Park
Baby Marcus got to try something new too, baby food made of turkey and vegetables. Yikes (shudder). As expected, he didn't like it. Oppps.

What else were we doing in the park? Check out the pictures here.


heidi said...

not surprised baby M didn´t like the bottled baby food considering how well you must treat him with you cooking at home.

I also find a real shame that people is not allowed to sit on the grass on public parks in Greater China.

Little Corner of Mine said...

That's how I did my picnic too, just "to go" some food and find a park to eat. LOL! I can see some of you in the 2nd picture of Marcus. He is so adorable!

daphne said...

awww at least u guys hv family time!!

shellie said...

Well it looks like you all had a very good time....whats up with having grass but not being able to sit on it? There are a lot of places like that here to....i say they shouldnt be allowed to call it a park! I fed jack the same kind of food too for awhile because i have paranoia about choking....he didnt get teeth for a VERY long time!Once we started feeding our food to him he wouldnt touch it at all meal looked delicious but then they always do.I just got up so everything looks extra good!

Joanne said...

Aww cuteness! Baby marcus is such an adventurous eater!

Theresa said...

Despite not going quite as planned, this looks like a wonderful time. Marcus is so cute! ♥