Monday, April 11, 2011

My Weekend Breakfast & Baby Marcus' Food - Grass Carp & Choy Sum Congee

Weekend Breakfast - Grass Carp & Choy Sum Congee
Now baby Marcus has started eating various solid food, we prepare it daily, super fresh, using ingredients which are normally organic and even better than what we normally eat every day. Ahhh...things we do for our parents syndrome.

Marcus would only eat a bit, so we get leftover ingredients which we sometimes used the next day. But since we want to use the freshest things, these days we try to consume the ingredients used for baby Marcus' food, just like what I saw in this wonderful blog, Yummies for your little one's bellies. I saw her making two different versions of dishes, one for the baby and one for the big kids, and I was truly inspired!

Last weekend, I was on congee making duty, and I made grass carp and choy sum congee for baby Marcus. I ate the same congee, mine was just cranked up with a lot more seasoning. Heheheheh
Weekend Breakfast - Grass Carp & Choy Sum Congee
- 1/4 cup rice
- water to rice ratio: 5 to 1
- 2 small stalk of organic choy sum, finely chopped
- a small slice of grass carp belly (about 3cm x 10 cm)
Cook rice in hot water until soften (to congee/porridge consistency). While rice is cooking, clean and steam the fish. Once the fish is done (it's done when a chopstick could go through it very easily), mash the fish and remove all the bones. Once the rice/congee is done, add the shredded choy sum, let cook for 1-2 minutes (we don't wanna cook it for too long, w, e want to retain as much nutrients as possible, that's why we chopped the choy sum so finely), add the mashed fish, remove from heat.

For the baby, pour congee into a food processor/blender, pulse for a couple of minute, serve warm. No seasoning necessary, the rice actually makes the congee pretty sweet.

For me, I surely didn't food-process the congee, added fish sauce, pepper, topped it with crispy shallot. A very comforting hot weekend breakfast for me.



daphne said...

awwww.. u did well! what a comforting and healthy meal for both mummy and baby!

Mummy S said...

Looks very yummy!

(For kiddo version, once marcus gets the hang of swallowing the pureed congee, just mash it with a spoon or potato masher so he learns how to chew. A few of my friends kids dont know how to chew as well now cos they porridge was pureed or super mushy for the longest time.. )

YaYa said...

That sounds so yummy! I never thought you could add vegies to the mix, very healthy!

Joanne said...

I really feel like I need to eat congee someday. And certainly serve it to my future child! Delicious.

shellie said...

you are such a good mama!!!!

tigerfish said...

Wow, BB Marcus is so lucky! But everyone should be equal, ya? What he gets, everyone in the family should get too :)

Jackie said...

Wow, I genuinely think I used to eat that when I was a baby too! I can almost taste it!

You're doing great, how exciting that he's onto solid foods! He should be ready for 3-course meals when I come back to HK, right? ;)

Jax x