Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Super Easy Savoury Bread Pudding Breakfast 整一個快過去廁所的早餐 - 麵包布丁

Savory Bread Pudding Breakfast
Something tasty and easy for a lazy weekend :)
Just the way I like it.
周末乜都唔想做, 但係又肚餓, 可以點?
一個又好味, 又容易整既麵包布丁

Savory Bread Pudding Breakfast
- 2 slices of bread, buttered generously, torn into pieces
- 2 eggs, beaten
- 1/2 cup milk
- 1 chicken frank, sliced
- 1/2 cup cheese (I used cheddar)
- salt, pepper, nutmeg

- 2塊麵包, 搽滿牛油, 再"mit"爛佢去一細塊一細塊
- 2隻蛋, 打左佢
- 1/2 杯奶
- 1 條腸仔, 切細佢
- 1/2 杯芝士 (我用車打的)
- 鹽, 胡椒, 肉豆蔻

Heat up oven to 200C, pour everything except half of the cheese into a baking dish, top with the rest of the cheese, bake until the top's golden brown. I ate mine with tabasco and peppermint tea.
預熱個焗爐去200, 倒晒D野去個烤碟(除左芝士), 將D芝士放係面, 焗到個面金黃色為止
我自己鐘意加D辣椒仔同沖杯荼黎食, 正

Feel free to spice up yours, your way ;)


celine said...

i was attracted to "Super Easy" .... as always. i am just plain lazy in the cooking area. so tempted to make this for dinner tomorrow. :)

btw it looks yummy!!!

Lia Chen said...

看起来好好吃哦!Love simple recipes and just realized that your blog is in Chinese too now? Awesome!

lilacpurplesky said...

MMh I'll try it!!

Connie said...

Yum! All I could think when I was reading this post was, "She has an oven!?!?" HAHA! My boyfriend bought me a mini oven (all that we could fit into our tiny HK kitchen) and I'm so sad it doesn't have the capacity to really work like an oven. I need to get my bake on soon or else I just might explode! I might give this recipe a try though...I think my little oven can handle it... =)

Cooking Gallery said...

This is no lazy breakfast at all, at least you still did a bit of baking...! My breakfast is normally just plain bread and deli meat, or no breakfast at all, too lazy to cook in the morning ;).

Joanne said...

There are definitely NOT enough savory bread puddings in my life! This looks so good!

shellie said...

i think that is definitely a comfort dish one could get carried away with....rita you are always making me hungry!

Pei-Lin said...

Ha ... Like what I said on Twitter, this is like French Toast except it's baked - not fried. Good! Creative! Perfect for a lazy bum like me! Hahaha!