Friday, April 8, 2011

Ching Ming Festival 2011

It was the Ching Ming festival last Tuesday, and here are the pictures from that day.
The offerings...
Ching Ming 2011
SC's parents called us to come over as it was baby Marcus' first Ching Ming and they'd love baby Marcus to pay his respect to his great grandpas.

Joss sticks and candles were lit at the corner of the entrance...
Ching Ming 2011 the window...
Ching Ming 2011

...and grandma led baby Marcus to pay his respect...
Ching Ming 2011

Some of the treats...homemade fried fish, salted steamed chicken...
Ching Ming 2011
Some store bought Chinese sweets, oranges and peanuts...rice and Chinese wine.

...roast pork, bananas...
Ching Ming 2011
...and rose chocolate cupcakes with buttercream topping that I made the night before. They were supposed to be for SC's parents, but they included them in the offering. It was kinda cool ;)

Warning! Please do not do this at home.
Ching Ming 2011
A bag of paper offerings were "sent", including paper hat and various clothing.
Ching Ming 2011
But no iPhone/iPad...heheheh. Oppps.
Ching Ming 2011
In the evening, we had a family dinner at SC's parents'.
Ching Ming 2011
Roast pork and chicken from the offering spread earlier...

Super delicious prawns and eggs with chopped scallion.
Ching Ming 2011

Pork belly, dried mushrooms, fat choy, lettuce and dried oysters in oyster sauce.
Ching Ming 2011

Super tender beef shin Chinese style curry with potatoes and carrots.
Ching Ming 2011
I can't make this dish this yummy!

And I made another batch of rose & choco chip cupcakes with rose buttercream.
Ching Ming 2011
Did you celebrate Ching Ming?


celine said...

i am "drooling" over the eggs and prawns, Rita. the eggs look soft and just right. mine ALWays turn out dry :(

shellie said...

no i dont celebrate ming ching....but i think i should...that looks like fun and super delicious as do your cupcakes...i do burn lots of incense though.

Little Corner of Mine said...

I don't know how to do Ching Ming. I don't think my mom knows how to do it either. She probably just buy some food and go pay respect in the temple.

Joanne said...

Wow. I've never heard of this festival before but I wish I was there, living it up with you guys! great food.

aki! said...

Is it Ching Ming or is it Qing Ming?

Maybe it's a dialect difference. I used to celebrate it when my Grandparents were still alive, but my parents don't really hold on to that tradition anymore.

lilacpurplesky said...

Nice pictures! And that food seems sooo good, I think I won't be able to follow my diet after that!

Cooking Gallery said...

My mum used to make red eggs for me and my sister when we celebrated our birthdays, but it's long ago, she stopped after we turned 8 or 9 ;).

Steph said...

Looks very tasty!! Nice picutres, too!

Ann said...

oooo that CHICKEN looks really good!!!!!!!

i never heard of ching ming fest before..but wow do you guys celebrate with lots of good food,

your son has been growing so much since i last checked up on your blog.

must be doing very well! :)

babe_kl said...

Msians usually visits the ancestors' grave/columbarium/memorial park to offer the prayers and clean up the place. It's getting rather festive these days and yes the shops are selling paper ipads and iphones lol