Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vegetarian Suckling Pig at Miu Fat Chai, Tsuen Wan - 帶左我個印尼工人去食乳豬

Vegetarian Chinese Food - Tsuen Wan
After a serious pigging out session the other day, we went for a vegetarian meal and ordered this vegetarian suckling pig. It surely isn't as good as the real thing, but it's...intriguing. It does have some qualities that remind us of real suckling pig, the crispy "skin" and the smoky roasted flavors. At least it should be good enough to satisfy the cravings of vegetarians who crave meat, or to impress diners who's never had mock meat before. I'd totally order this again.

前幾日食完三隻小豬仔, 今日又帶大家去食豬. 唔係普通既豬咁簡單, 而係仿真豬…(即用齋做既豬)

佢就當然冇真豬咁好食, 但係就咁睇落去, 真係真既一樣的!! 又有乳豬脆皮, 又有燒烤個味. 對素食者黎講, 都係一次過滿足你足有既願望! 哩個齋乳豬真係次次黎都叫的.

Vegetarian Chinese Food - Tsuen Wan
These "lion heads" were delicious! Very fluffy and light.

哩碟仿獅子頭, 裏面係炸豆腐來的, !
Vegetarian Chinese Food - Tsuen Wan
The golden "seafood" fried rice was very bland, since the cooking respects a certain Buddhist teaching, where pungent smelling plants are not supposed to be used as they're not supposed to serve anything that excites the senses. Thus, there's generally no garlic, no shallot and not much seasoning to the dishes. If you need more seasoning, salt and chilli sauce are available upon request.

個黃金炒飯就淡左D, 可能係比出家人食, 唔可以咁濃味. 如果唔夠味, 大家可以叫佢比D辣椒醬同監鹽, 成碟立體晒

Miu Fat Chai 妙法齋
G/F, 79 Ho Pui St, Tsuen Wan
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2412-0301


shellie said...

no garlic no shallot...what blasphemy do you speak....good to hear the veg was good....my husband is a vegetarian for 11 years.

Joanne said...

well I definitely didn't EVER think I'd see a veg suckling pig here! Looks pretty delicious though!