Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tezukuri No Mise 手作之店 - Sweet Potato Ice Cream

Tezukuri No Mise   手作之店 - Sweet Potato Ice Cream
What's better than beating the heat by licking a cone of ice cream?
It surely beats munching ice cubes :D

Let me share one of my favorite el-cheapo ice cream...Tezukuri No Mise's Sweet Potato Ice Cream. The sweet potato flavor is so so so fragrant and the ice cream is light enough to be refreshing for summer, not too creamy, not too sweet, just perfect!

Tezukuri No Mise   手作之店 - Sweet Potato Ice Cream
They do offer many more flavors from black sesame to good old chocolate...but still, sweet potato is my all time favorite ^_^! A large cone costs just HK$10! If you happen to see an outlet...give it a try!

Tezukuri No Mise 手作之店
3/F, Kwai Chung Plaza, 7 Kwai Foo Road
Kwai Fong
Click here for other outlets all around Hong Kong


Joanne said...

I was elated when I saw this post. Then depressed because I don't think this flavor exists anywhere in the US.

Anonymous said...

yumm!! looks so good

noobcook said...

must try this when I'm back in HK! hehehe

tigerfish said...

I have not had ice-cream in a cone for a long because it is always a mess to eat, so I have it in a cup instead :( ...would like to try sweet potato ice-cream :)

Jackie said...

Sweet potato ice-cream! YUM! I like black sesame, personally, but sweet potato sounds like a real treat...

Ooooh, do they have chestnut?! DROOLING!

Jax x