Thursday, July 29, 2010

Satay BBQ Chicken Flavored Indomie Goreng (Hong Kong Version)

Satay BBQ Chicken Indomie Goreng - Hong Kong Version
Remember my #1 guilty pleasure,
Indomie Goreng?
Hong Kong has its own version of Indomie Goreng...and although the Indonesian version is now available in most supermarkets, I couldn't help but does the Hong Kong version taste like?

I've tried the Hong Kong version of Indomie Goreng "original" (yellow packaging), and it is different. The seasoning is relatively milder and the noodles are thinner and not as chewy.

This time, I'm trying the Satay BBQ Chicken flavored Indomie Goreng.
Satay BBQ Chicken Indomie Goreng - Hong Kong Version
Yes, it is still a watered down version of the Indonesian one. The satay flavor's really mild, it's almost negligible...and it is not as garlicky and as "kicking" as the Indonesian version, it is also less oily. Maybe a touchhh healthier, but significantly less yummy, at least for me :D

From various local forums that SC reads, the Hong Kongers seem to like the Indonesian version more too...should they bother with a HK version?
Hello, Indofood?
Are you listening?


Avigayil Damm said...

I tried the Indomie Kari Ayam Malaysia version once, it was so much more spicy and 'kental'. It tasted good although I still prefer the Indo version :D

Joanne said...

I'm sorry this didn't meet your expectations! Bigger, bolder flavors are always better.

Indonesia-Eats said...

At the halal store near my house, they sell Mie Asia brand which is produced by Indofood the Middle east branch.

I was surprised since I recognized the name "Mie". The taste wasn't as good as the Indomie Indo version.

Miss Lucky Piggy said...

i love indomie but never tried satay bbq chicken flavored one,,, my fav is mie kari ayam / chicken curry noodle, add choy sum and egg in it...yuummm ... & i'll be a happy chappy :)

Von said...

I love Indomie Goreng =P I've only ever had the original version I think....I'll stick with that! =]

Looking at those sausages makes my mouth water....we can't get sausages like those here in Sydney =[

pigpigscorner said...

I LOVE indomie goreng! I always have a box full in my room when I was in boarding school...good times.

Honey said...

Also just happened to eat Indomie Goreng tonight but Indo version. Yeah~ yummy!

MaryMoh said...

Ooooh...I love IndoMie Goreng. Used to eat quite a lot last time but have tried to cut down on instant noodles.

tigerfish said...

I don't like mild versions. It reminds me of the spicy-level in the US. Whenever they say it is spicy, it is actually not spicy. LOL

Anonymous said...

ahh yeah I say dont bother with milder versions, gimme full on msg kthx!

didut said...

wew ternyata Indomie mendunia ya :) ... tetep indonesia no 1 dah ah :))

Pei Lin said...

More often than not the authentic version always outshine the bastardized one!