Thursday, July 22, 2010

Canned Food Convenience - Minced Pork in Bean Paste with Tofu Puffs & Veggie

Minced Meat, Tofu Puffs & Lettuce in Bean Sauce
It looks like we're still on the lazy-ass canned food "series" :p

I can't believe I haven't tried this little can of deliciousness before, minced pork in bean sauce!
Minced Meat, Tofu Puffs & Lettuce in Bean Sauce

It's, again, SC's recommendation...(it sounds like he grew up eating a lot of canned food :p)
Minced Meat, Tofu Puffs & Lettuce in Bean Sauce
He told me that normally it can be heated/steamed and eaten with rice as a dish, but of course, we wanted a more "balanced" meal, so he suggested to stir fry it with some vegetables (brilliant idea), and I added some tofu puffs and more fresh minced pork to make it more substantial ^_^

Minced Meat, Tofu Puffs & Lettuce in Bean Sauce
(serve two)
- 0.5lb minced pork
- 1 can of minced pork in bean sauce
- around 8 pieces of tofu puffs, quartered
- 1 clove of garlic, crushed
- 4 small heads of lettuce, washed, remove stem and ripped
- a dash of fish sauce, olive oil, hot water, white pepper

Saute garlic in a bit of olive oil, add lettuce, let cook until a bit wilted, add a bit of fish sauce, set aside. Pour the can of minced pork in bean sauce, add the fresh minced pork, add a bit of hot water for easier mixing, once the meat's cooked, add tofu puffs, let cook for a bit, add the lettuce back in, mix everything well, let everything get heated through, and serve with (a few bowls of) steamed rice ^_^

Quick and tasty all-in-one dish, perfect for weekdays.


busygran said...

Lazy - No. Creative - Yes! With a simple can of food, you have churned our something delicious and balanced and it looks delicious. A good one-dish meal! :)

Joanne said...

This looks seriously tasty. Especially teh tofu puffs. I wonder where I can find such things...

pigpigscorner said...

Huge fan of canned food too! Not very healthy I know but so simple and delicious.

KennyT said...

This is a really smart way to serve canned minced pork, I'd love to try this, with lots of tofu puffs, hehehehe

Fatima A. said...

omg, It looks again so delicious!! You're talented, seriously & you can present your food so good!! :)

Wulinarian said...

Ahhh tofu puffs! Can't find them here. And if you can make canned food into delicious food, that's called creativity! :)

Von said...

Hi =]
Thanks for visiting my blog! I love yours =D I first had this canned minced pork in bean sauce because it came with some other canned food we bought- it's so good! I usually just eat it with noodles, I've never cooked with it though. This sounds like a delicious idea though- it looks really tasty, and those tofu puffs look so good!