Friday, July 9, 2010

Pizza Cone & Coffee Soda from Caffe Pascucci, Langham Place, Mongkok

You've heard of ice cream cone.
You've heard of pizza.
But pizza cone?

I was intrigued!
They've successfully grabbed my attention. Let's give it a try.
Cafe Pascucci
I ordered the
Italian pizza cone, and it looks...cute.
Was it good?

It promises tomato sauce, cheese, cooked ham, mushrooms, oregano and salami.
Cafe Pascucci

But it was mostly tomato sauce and cheese (but at least there was really lots and lots of cheese, down to the bottom of the cone).
Cafe Pascucci
See! Lotsa cheese!

The pizza cone or crust...was a little too thick and crispy...kind of hard (I guess because it has to hold the filling/pizza topping), to the point that it could inflict some damage to my gum if I were not careful (but I was)...but it's not that bad. It would make quite a good snack, it would be much better if the cone can be a little thinner and not as hard.

SC was being a little unadventurous and ordered the lunch set of penne in spicy tomato sauce with orange juice.
Cafe Pascucci
The pasta was nicely cooked, the spicy tomato sauce could be a little spicier, it was a little too subtle for me, but overall, not bad.

Caffe Pascucci offers quite a selection of coffee themed drinks and desserts...which all looked amazing (I made a mental note to go back next time and try them)...but I had a huge weakness for...that's right. Soda.
Coffee soda.
Cafe Pascucci
In Indonesia, we have coffee cream soda, which is a tad too sweet, but this one's just perfect!

Not too sweet, and surprisingly refreshing, especially when it's served with a slice of orange (I didn't expect
Cafe Pascucci
The perfect thirst-quenching summer alternative to the usual creamy and milky cold coffee drinks.

The meal cost us HK$149 for two.

Caffe Pascucci
Shop 1A, 12/F, Langham Place Shopping Mall
8 Argyle Street, Mong Kok
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3514 4171


busygran said...

Thanks Rita for highlighting all the wonderful places for good food. If I ever visit HK, I'll know what to look out for.

YaYa said...

Not too sure why this craze for bubbly coffee, I have a bottle sitting in my pantry but am too scared to try it, hehe! Maybe it will taste better with some orange slices in it?

Joanne said...

we have a coffee soda here called Manhattan Special that you can buy in's fantastic.

That pizza cone looks GOOD. I need to try to recreate something like that. I think it looks like the perfect drunk food.

Jackie said...

Totally craving a pizza cone now and I don't even like pizza. I think it's the cheese that got me!

Jax x

Little Corner of Mine said...

Seriously, you have all the interesting stuff there, pizza cone and coffee soda, wow!

KennyT said...


Wulinarian said...

Coffee and soda sound like a good mix... Yeah the pizza cone does look hard.

EatTravelEat said...

Ooh how cool! My local mall used to have a store named Crispycones which sold stuff in a cone like pizza cone. Wasn't very successful though. Yours look fabulous though even if the crust is a bid hard!

I remember years ago when I had wonton noodles at Langham Place...maybe this time I'll try out this!

Big Boys Oven said...

that pizza cone looked so awesome sexy! drooling my eyes already! I am drowning! rescue me!

Anonymous said...

Oh wooowww pity bout the hard cone but still very interesting! And all that chhheeeesseeeeee, much <3

lynn said...

Coffee soda? Pizza in a cone? It's feels so wrong, but..............mmmmmmmm

(Can you guess we've nothing like that in Britain?)