Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Kind of Summer Snack - Refreshing Longan Jelly

What do you fancy on a hot summer day?

- offering to slather sun lotion all over sexy strangers the beach?
- a cold shower?
- roaming around (Hong Kong's) below-zero-air-conditioned shopping malls until your credit card can't take it anymore?
- skinny dipping into your neighbor's pool without permission?
- running away from it all and head to somewhere winter?
- a huge glass of icy cold beer? iced tea? or your favorite soda?
- big chunks of cold, juicy and sweet watermelons?
- a gigantic tub of ice cream?
- a bucket of fried chicken?

all/none of the above?

Here's one of my favorite refreshing hot summer snacks, using one of my favorite fruits, longans.

Peel the skin to reveal these gorgeous, luminuous, pearls (imagine me saying this with a seductive smile ala Nigella and try not to laugh, at least not when this page is still open T_T)

When longans are not in season, you can use canned longans, which you can order online here

Use this code RT03Jul8AM
for a 3% discount and a chance to win a $5 voucher for the next purchase.

If you're too lazy to do jelly, simply mix a bit of cold water with a can of longan including the syrup, add some ice cubes, mint leaves if you wish, and you got yourself a refreshing dessert!

Now, here's my refreshing little cups of...

Longan Jelly

- 1 pack of
konyaku jelly powder or agar-agar powder
- the syrup from the canned longan
- 1/3 cup of caster sugar (or less if you want it not as sweet)
- cold water> to achieve the needed amount mentioned in the jelly powder pack

Mix konyaku jelly powder with water and juice from the canned longan, add sugar, heat it up until everything is mixed well, pour into moulds (I use tall glasses and shot glasses here) with longans in them. Let cool, refrigerate.

One for sous chef, one for me, another one for me, and another one for me, for me, me, me...


tigerfish said...

HUh? Nothing for me? :P ...as in me? LOL!

Peter M said...

My summer pastime is placing a Longan jelly into the belly button of a cute Indonesian gal and slurping it up. She says it kinda' tickles her!

Elle said...

Those look so refreshing! And I could totally picture you saying that as Nigella would, lol!

My favorite summer treat is iced tea and cold fruit.

MiNDY said...

sisain buatkuw Rit..

Little Corner of Mine said...

Oh, I love this refreshing longan jelly too! Looking at your fresh longan, I WANT SOME TOO!!

Simplicity said...

how bout me? i also want it rit.

Elsye said...

weewww....segerrrr buat panas2 gini :D

Camemberu said...

Mmmh I love longans too! Gotta make me some soon!

mikky said...

hi... this really looks good and easy to do... thanks for sharing...

Salt & Turmeric said...

I have a can of longan in my fridge. Yup, back home everytime i eat out, it will be either ice lemon tea or longan juice. There both so good esp when its hot out whc is everyday. ;)

and guess what? i love konyaku jelly too! haha. i have a question rita. how do u make jello shot using konyaku? iv tried a long time ago but it didn turn out well. have u make jello shot using konyaku before? care to share, please?

Lina said...

konyaku jelly is soo good on a hot summer day!

Jude said...

Mmmm dragon's eyes.. So tasty and has such a cool name, too.

A.G said...

suka potone sek terakhir...:) leci nek kene mbladher.. cuma rasane bedo kr leci bandungan :D