Thursday, July 3, 2008

Food Paparazzi on the Loose in Beijing

More CELEBRITY FOOD pictures from Beijing! Juicy! Tasty! Chewy! Dirrrty! Deeelicccious!

Dong Hua Men Night Market

It was almost empty due to the rain. The price of food here's generally more expensive than Hong Kong (!!!) hehe tourist price

I've certainly marked my territories in Beijing by posing shamelessly everywhere. All eyes were on me. I thought I was so freaking HOT, until I realised that my wet dress turned transparent and everybody could see my underwear (boy, it's a sight which even made my eyes sore)

In the mood for creepy crawlies? Scorpions, worms, your worst nightmare (except the one where you were naked in the gymnasium in front of your whole highschool), and they have it here, on a stick. *grin*

Ohhhh, crabbbb!!!! Imagine the juicy and tasty crab dumpling filling...crab oh crab!

Fried milk (cream), pumpkin pancakes, fried ice cream

Pretty bowls of jelly

Grilled aphrodisiac, anyone?

The afro-like thingies are sea urchins, the golden brown thingies claimed to be bird nests

BBQ'ed sweet corns...reminds me of home...

Wish upon a

Steamed bird nests for youthful skin and beauty, fried ones for your cholesterol. Hehe

Wang Fu Jing Market

The fancy gate (miniature palace everywhere!)

I am always partial to souvenirs, but these are available in Hong Kong too! Sob sob, I scored none T_T

Sir Screams-A-Lot. He stopped immediately when I took his pictures. I guess he has YouTube-phobia

Boiled beef stomach with sesame sauce

Oh gosh...they stinkkkkkkk

I actually kinda like the chicken hearts

He said no photo, I said too late LOL! Mr. Seahorse never thought that his adventure outside the ocean would be like this. Poor thing.

Tasty kebabs


Talk about sugar coating things...

...and I picked the grapes. They taste fun bloody tastic! The sweet and crunchy sugar coating matches the citrusy grapes perfectly!

Somewhere outside
The Summer Palace

Kung Pao and spicy

Tasteless beef noodles

Have you ever thought of dining in...
Forbidden City?
This cafetaria is in a part of the Forbidden City complex. It was so cool to eat overlooking the palace

The beef curry rice was soo good, or we were just hungry? Needed the energy to explore the whole palace. As expected, I got hungry again before even reaching the end of the palace LOL

Let's see what's an upmarket mall like in's some treats from
Shin Kong Place (Xin Guang Tian Di)
So cheesy, so garlicky, so irresistible

Mouth watering muffins...

If one could stop me by just saying "NO PHOTO", then don't call me no paparazzi

Check out more of my Beijing adventure at Living La Vida Rita ;)


Dita said...

exactly kayak di sini, they don't like being photographed. Gue mesti blajar jd paparazzi n bmuka badak nih kayaknya :D

Jason Ho said...

oh man..I love ur first photo..u got the reflection of the lights on the wet road..niceee...

Anonymous said...

love your photos, Rita! Thank you :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

That row of street food is really amazing to see. I was wondering can sea horse be eaten like that? I always thought the skin is hard! It's like there is nothing they won't eat.

[eatingclub] vancouver || js said...

Love the pictures. Thank you. I miss the buzz and the vibrancy of Asian cities.

I Cook4Fun said...

I just love all the pix you captured. You are a great paparazzi :) :)

sefa firdaus said...

foto yg nomor satu keren banget Rit
btw, itu bintang lautnya enak gak?

Elsye said...

btw rita, itu yang sugar coating isinya apa aja, kok kayka buah di coating ama gula ya :P

tigerfish said...

So much food!

The street markets are so much like Taiwan!

Dwiana P said...

yaw....!! hot paparazzi! No wonder they don't mind you took pictures coz your wet cloth was a treat for them LOL
Love the picture and story.

A.G said...

oh my gosh komplit plit.... bsk kl klenong-2 bw pocket ae ahh.. nek bw dlsr abot :( podo kyk Dita.. pgn potret-2 paparazi psg muka gèdhék tahan malu hihi demi review