Monday, July 14, 2008

Fashionably Tall & Slim Shrimp Rolls

In Hong Kong, it is all about fashion.

What are so NOW at this very moment?
Rain boots: they are all over the city, in a myriad of colors (I am sooo out as I don't own a pair T_T)
2. Baseball caps, worn just barely touching your head, could be blown away by wind as strong as 0 mph (unless glued down by excessive hair products)
3. Long t-shirts, bearing English sentences with severe grammatical/typo errors, worn to reveal 1 shoulder (cos revealing both shoulders are just so wrong! It's all about asymmetry, baby!)
4. Super short shorts, preferably shorter than the long t-shirt

In terms of spring rolls (or egg rolls)...those stubby short ones or the triangle ones are so OUT! The food fashion police is seeing the long thin ones everywhere! Just like size -2 Eurasian supermodels taking over Hong Kong's hottest clubs, these slim rolls are taking over hottest snack joints. My wild guess is because they don't need as much fillings (LOL).

I might be out of style in terms of dressing myself appropriately for the rain, but I am determined to try for once, to be tall and slim. Or at least my shrimp rolls should be :p

Fashionably Tall & Slim Shrimp Rolls

- 1 pound medium shrimps, just turned pink, remove excess water, season in salt, pepper and sugar
- 1 packet of spring roll pastry
- olive oil for frying
- water & corn flour to seal the pastry
- damp towels to prevent the pastry from drying out

Follow 3 easy steps below to roll these babies:

and fry 'em in high heat until, aren't they HOT?

Dip-A-Dip Dip
I did a Creamy Sesame Dip
- A couple of tablespoon sesame paste
- A dash of fish sauce
- A dash of Kecap Manis (Indonesian sweet soy sauce)
- chopped chilli
- chopped corriander

If only eating these will get myself taller and slimmer .....


Jason Ho said...

woah..although it could be quite an inexpensive dish, but the way you served it (in a cup) sure can up the price man..hehe.. :P

A.G said...

wah ini wenak aku jg suka bngt udang :) tak cobain ah bsk .. tnx bt step by stepnya

joanne at frutto della passione said...

I love your diagrams! If eating these will make me taller and slimmer then I'll eat them everyday! They look delicious and fun, but chances are I'll just get shorter and stouter ;)

sefa said...

step by stepnya kerennnnnn
dirimu memang kreatif Rit *2 jempol*

sefa said...

hmmmm otak sapi coba pesen aja Rit sama toko dagingnya :)
kalo gak ada diganti aja sama telur atau tahu... enak juga kok

hihihihi kalo otakmu otak udang, otakku apaan dong, hehehehehe

Peter M said...

YOU FORGOT STEP#4...."share with Peter"! ;)

Ben said...

Oh yeah! It is all about the presentation and the current trend. I have a pack of spring rolls that I need to use and you just gave me an idea for lunch. Yummy!

Kitty said...

lol, awesome post.

I have decided this summer to be tall and thin also. Please put up a new post instructing one how to go about that.

Fanny Wijaya said...

Yumm...yummm...about the rainboot, it really really amused me. I saw them all over Taipei too, people in my hometown, only wear it to the rice field

one said...

What a food,dish,recepy...(sumthin that only at hotels of fancy restoren kan)
btw,wondering where'r u locating now and origin?hope u don mind juz askin coz the menu title also come in Malay/indonesia

elsye said...

kekekekk, komen diatasku iku bener juga ya...kalo makan ini aku jadi tambah tinggi and langsing ga ya ::wakakaka...

btw, itu rain boots disini juga ngetrend ...:))))

Lia said...

pinter banget sih Rit bikin spring roll langsing gitu jadi inget model catwalk hehehehhe "nyomot 2"

Sharon said...

These are fantastic!

I do enjoy that shirts with grammatical errors are in fashion!

MiNDY said...

they look incredibly HOT 'n sexy 'n soooo fashionista.

Little Corner of Mine said... cute! I love your tall and slim version!

Lina said...

looks so crunchy and yummy. Thanks for the step by step instructions. wonderful!

noble pig said...

Okay seriously those drawing were just are so awesome!

Jescel said...

love the diagram.. hahaha.. and yeah, HK is the fashion capital of asia, I believe... i need to keep up with the trend then, time to try your tall and slim shrimp rolls! :o)

Cynthia said...

It's definitely sexy in the wine glass!

Love the illustrations!

[eatingclub] vancouver || js said...

Do you mean to say that the short and stumpy spring rolls I've ingested as a child had an effect on my height? ;)

Great-looking shrimp rolls!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

hi jason, it's all about presentation eh?

yin, sefa, mindy, ching, cynthia, hehe thanks

joanne, i wishhhh...but getting taller is really possible = high heels

step#5: peter serves dessert hehe

hi ben, gogogo!

hi kitty, once successful, i will post the steps (which shall be never LOL)

hi fanny, i am thinking to get those which are really for wet market workers, they are CHEAPER! :)

hi one, i am in hong kong, originally from indonesia

lia, apa daya yang bikin pendek and cempluk hehe

elsye, dikau ikut pake ngga rain boots nya? di yepang pastinya keren-keren tuh ya?

hi sharon, yeah! LOL and they are meaningless too, e.g: HOT SUMER DAY IS SUCH FREN TO LOV(oh gosh)

hi jescel, yeah baby...we have to keep up with the trend eh? unless the trend is not to

hi js, for me...yes...but i think it is too late to switch to tall and thin maybe i should eat my shape and just be happy haha

Simplicity said...

hahha..dasar lo rit.. judulnye mantap!!! beneran deh shrimp rolls langsing kudu dicoba heheh

tigerfish said...

So this is like a long tee....:D

Kevin said...

Those look so good!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha.. You crack me up Rita. By the way i saw a LOT of T-shirts with grammatical errors while in HK. It has it's charm i think, like it's part of the scenery. :-)

Yay for the tall & slim shrimps rolls. (and yay too for your cool illustrations!) :-)

Paula said...

Oh Wow! Those look sooo good! Love the step by step diagrams! Great recipe!