Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Grilled Shrimp Paste Chicken Wings

Grilled Chicken Wings in Shrimp Paste
What do new moms do?
Waltzing around with her super adorable, smiley, cooing baby?
Dressing her cute baby up in cute outfits?
Shopping for more cute baby outfits?
Having high-tea or dim sum with other moms with cute, smiley baby in tow?
Cooking delicious, elaborate, complex and elegantly presented dishes while baby is gazing adoringly, quietly from his/her crib?

I wish.

Most of my days as a new mom involve these fun activities:
Bottle feed baby.
Try to make baby finish his bottle of milk.
Burp baby.
Clean baby.
Groom baby.
Try to stimulate baby to ensure that he develops well, i.e. playing (thanks for making "playing" sound so-not-fun).
Try to stop baby from crying.
Check diaper.
Try to figure out why baby wouldn't stop crying.
Pump breast milk for baby's next meal.
Try to stop baby from crying.
Check diaper.
Try to figure our why baby wouldn't stop crying.
Clean baby.
Change diaper.
Try to play with baby.
Try to stop baby from crying.
Bottle feed baby.
Try to figure out why baby wouldn't stop crying...

...and so on ^_^'

So...elaborate, complex dishes?
Thanks, but no thanks.

Here's one of my latest super duper easy dish.

- Chicken wings (as many as you want)
- Shrimp paste (I use Lee Kum Kee)
- Sugar, white pepper, olive oil

Marinate chicken wings in shrimp paste, sugar, white pepper and a bit of oil (I poked chicken wings with a fork to let the marinate penetrate the wings) in a refrigerator for at least half an hour, the longer the better (ideally overnight). Preheat oven to 200C, grill chicken wings until golden brown.

Lip smacking and super easy.

Ideal for new moms, who generally need to stop in the middle of meals trying to figure out why the baby wouldn't stop crying.

But when my baby smiles, it just makes my day like nothing else does. sweet and sentimental....
I blame my hormones.


Little Corner of Mine said...

Looks yummy! I never give shrimp paste a try. I saw LKK shrimp paste and was contemplating whether to get it or not, perhaps next time I will grab a small bottle to try. :)

Joanne said...

I may not have a baby but super easy sounds super to me! These sound seriously tasty.

Cooking Gallery said...

What a cute post ;)! Simple foods taste sometimes the best, so who cares...:)?!

Anonymous said...

oh i love your simple recipes! i miss your cooking too - do you want to adopt me?

babe_kl said...

Do enjoy your time with baby as much as you can :D

Anonymous said...

If u're still looking to boost up ur breastmilk, I'm currently trying 2 methods, drinking bittergourd juice ( just raw bittergourd put into blender with water, ice and 2 teaspoon of honey) and taking asima supplements ( mengandung jintan item and ekstrak katuk). Seems to be working, along with pumping as regular as I can. Am stocking frozen breastmilk before going back to work in 3 wks time :(

Anonymous said...

Simple and delicious!! If only babies were the same ehh :P? (ok, thats a bit weird)

tigerfish said...

Sounds easy but I don't have shrimp paste to make this dish. sad.

busygran said...

The wings are finger-licking good!
Enjoy your little one as much as possible. The cries, the smiles and the babbling or goo-goo sounds are moments that money cannot buy. Take care and eat well for little one's sake.

macchabiscotti said...

Hmmm...chicken wings....fingerlicking good! Shrimp paste chicken wings sound tempting. Going to give it a try.
Enjoy the baby time!

Wulinarian said...

Hahahah same here! But add "playing with the big brother" and "dealing with big brother's tantrum"... that's the not fun part!

Indonesia Eats said...

yo yo yo everything with shrimp paste will be tasty. LOL.

pigpigscorner said...

Oh man, sounds like a pain!! Have fun, new mom =P

Cooking Gallery said...

Rita, it's me again! I just passed you an award, please feel free to pick it up if you wish :)!