Friday, November 19, 2010

Burger King Cheesy Fries - My Weird Snacking Habit

Have you tried this bag-o-snack?
Burger King Cheesy Fries
Is it good?

Let's get back to that later.

I just wanna let you know that I have a weird snacking habit (so what else is new?).

This is how I like eating my snack-in-a-bag while watching TV, surfing net, etc.
Burger King Cheesy Fries
That's right!

With a pair of chopsticks!

Burger King Cheesy Fries

- I don't like getting my hands dirty (I change channel every minute & I multitask a lot online)- I don't have to dip more than half of my lower arm into a big bag of chips
- Instead of licking savory goodness off my fingers, I can just lick 'em off the chopsticks
Burger King Cheesy Fries
Now, on to the chips...

I love salty cheesy things.
It takes a lot of salt for me to stamp something as "too salty".
Burger King Cheesy Fries
This is one of those things ^_*

Anyone out there as weird as me? Tell me I'm not alone...


Jason said...

Welcome to the Chopstick Snacks Club! (aka CSC!) haha ... you are not alone out there!

Veny said...

asikkk banget ! kl aku ngemil ga parah2 amat sih cmn akhir2 ini suka iseng kl ntn TV , yah biasa dikemil krupuk ,emping terakhir kacang disco . suka ga nyadar .. serem boo ini bad/weird habits hua22 biasa pake tangan aja krn mau gampang tp pasti sedia tissue sekotak disebelahnya ha222

Rachelle said...

hey i never thought about that...good idea! they also sell a hand-shaped chip handler at log-on LOL. kinda cute.

and coincidence...i JUST bought that same bag of chips too!

daphne said...

that is not a bad idea! haha.. i like to eat fast so chopsticks might even slow me down! LOL
that looks like an awesome snack! never seen it before.. salty.. yummmm

Von said...

I love this idea of eating chips with chopsticks- it's so clever!! (now why didn't I think of this before?) I hate changing channels when my hands are dirty =S

Justin said...

how funny... we don't have anything like that here in the U.S.

Anonymous said...

good idea Rita..ngambil snack pake chopsticks...hehhehe

Little Corner of Mine said...

Interesting! We don't have it here!

Joanne said...

Welll...I don't use chopsticks to eat anything except for sushi. But I do have a super high salt tolerance.

TS of eatingclub vancouver said...

Oh, that's not weird at all, that's how genius people snack! ;)

Yes, yes, I use chopsticks from time to time too. But, they are especially useful when eating neon-orange-colored "cheese"-coated Cheetos. =D

Anonymous said...

ME TOO!! I hate getting my hands dirty cos I have to go all the way to a sink to wash then haha chopsticks all the way!

macchabiscotti said...

haha! same here! not only for snacking time, same thing happens when I have my lunch or dinner. left hand holding the rice bowl or plate, right hand with the chopsticks going from/to rice-mouth-chips-mouth :D

tigerfish said...

You reminded me of those Stephen-Chow- kind-of-comedy where chopsticks can kill the housefly! Hahhaha! I can't do this. Too difficult.