Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Deliciously Spicy Lunch at KK Kurry Kebabs - Kwai Chung

This is not a food picture.
Kurry Kebabs - Neighborhood Eatery
What is it doing here then?
It's here because it was the first time we had Marcus out to lunch, and he didn't cry a bit!
We didn't even have to hold him in our arms, he sat quietly in his stroller, and even smiled sweetly to the restaurant owner!
Aw! Allow us to have a proud new parents moment! ^_^

Now, onto lunch.
We're so glad we've stumbled upon this precious place. It's tucked away in a corner of a housing estate's small shopping complex up the hills in Kwai Chung. It's humbly decorated, but spacious and comfy. As we entered the place, we were welcomed by the scent of spices and the friendly greetings from the owners.

Kurry Kebabs - Neighborhood Eatery
We ordered mutton biryani and we requested spicy. The lady owner gave me an eye, but decided not to comment on my choice. When we tasted it, we understood what "the eye" mean. It's super spicy and I love love love it! Absolutely delicious. The combination of spices, the hearty mutton pieces, the sweetness of raisins, the refreshing touch of fresh ginger and tomatoes, and the heat...it was perfect for me. But if you can't handle heat, and yes this was hot, opt for mild or medium.

Kurry Kebabs - Neighborhood Eatery
We also ordered beef korma and butter naan. The portion of the beef korma's kinda small, but it tastes heavenly! Slightly sweet, creamy and nutty! The butter naan disappointed us though. It's not light, fluffy, nor buttery...it's flat, greasy and chewy. I'd order something else next time.

Kurry Kebabs - Neighborhood Eatery
I love the scent and flavor of fresh mint, and this sweet mint lassi's perfect! Sweet, rich, creamy, and refreshing at the same time. A perfect companion for the super spicy lunch.

Allow some time to take a long nap due to the food coma :)

KK Kurry Kebabs
Shop 107, Block E, Cho Yiu Chuen Shopping Centre
Kwai Chung
Tel: +852 3580 0717


Joanne said...

Aww cute baby alert! Yay for him giving you guys a bit of a break! And man does that lunch sound good. I want.

Anonymous said...

hee hee Marcus is so cute! and omg I want curryyyy!!

A box of kitchen said...

his (your little boy) bang is super adorable! lucu bangeeet, haha!

dewi said...

both marcus & the food look fierce!