Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chinese Drunken Chicken Soup

Chinese Drunken Chicken Soup
If you've never tried this soup...
Please do.
It has just become my favorite Chinese soup!

It's a classic confinement tonic for women who just gave birth, but confinement or not...I love this soup! Plus, unlike other type of slow cooked soup which takes forever to make...this takes less than one hour to whip up!
Fast, easy, delicious & warming for this cooler days....perfect!

Chinese Drunken Chicken Soup
- Half a chicken, chopped into pieces
- a handful of red dates
- wood ear fungus, soaked in water until soft and sliced thinly
- glutinous rice wine, about half a cup
- 3 cm ginger, sliced thinly
- 2-3 bowls of hot water
- vegetable oil for sauteeing, salt to season

Saute ginger and chicken in a bit of vegetable oil, add sliced wood ear fungus, add glutinous rice wine, cook for a few minutes, add 2-3 bowls of hot water, let cook for about 20 minutes, or until all the flavors merged, season with salt and serve.

A bowl of liquid gold! Slurp!


noobcook said...

I love your confinement food lol... I must seriously try this :p

Sue said...

we cook this with sesame oil...very fragrant...will be more delish if you fry some eggs + julienne ginger with sesame oil and cook it with the soup :-)

Von said...

hehe....I've never made soup before =)But this sounds delicious!! Does it taste anything like drunken chicken??

busygran said...

It's a great soup!
I did this for my daughter's confinement! My son-in-law enjoyed it too!

Little Corner of Mine said...

I know how delicious it is already. I love the sweet glutinous rice wine.

Joanne said...

If this is confinement, you can lock me up. K thanks. Looks delicious.

Cooking Gallery said...

Herbal chicken soup can be heavenly I know... I need to make some again myself...!!

tigerfish said...

I need to use glutinous rice wine and not any other chinese cooking wine, right? Don't get drunk, ok? ;p

Pretty. Good. Food. said...

Mmmm, sounds fantastic :)!

resep kue said...

i actually try this recipes once when i visited my husband neighborhood ,even tried to cooking it (my mother inlaw thought me) well its very good tasting and also tasty dish indeed