Monday, October 18, 2010

Chinese Soup - Pig Stomach, Preserved Vegetable & Peppercorn

Chinese Pig Stomach, Preserved Vegetable & Peppercorn Soup
This is one of the few Chinese soups that I love.
It's very peppery, with a touch of sourness from the preserved veggie, and the tender but still slightly chewy pig stomach. Perfect to warm ourselves up when the weather is cooler.

And if you haven't tried pig stomach, please do :)
When it's done right, you'll love it.

Chinese Pig Stomach, Preserved Vegetable & Peppercorn Soup
- about 1/2 lb pig stomach (if you live in Hong Kong, supermarkets normally sell the cleaned pig stomach and preserved vegetable in a pack, if not, ask if your butcher has it ^_^)
- a pack of sour preserved vegetable (suen choi)
- cracked peppercorns, white pepper (lots of it)
- pork bone (this gives the soup its "essence". A touch of sweetness and meatiness)
- Beancurd sheets (optional)
- salt, hot water

Add chunks of pig stomach, sour preserved vegetable and pork bone into a pot of boiling water, add peppercorns and white pepper, simmer until the pig stomach chunks are tender, season, add beancurd sheets, serve hot.

Happy slurping!


Wandering Chopsticks said...

Hehe. I would like a bowl of this please.

catty said...

oh how I miss pig stomach in soup! You guys get the good stuff in HK!!!

busygran said...

This reminds me of my mum-in-law! She used to cook this for Chinese New Year, it's one of the dishes that the peranakans cook for the season! I don't eat the stomach but enjoy the soup only!

Little Corner of Mine said...

I love this peppery soup and pig stomach! Haven't had pig stomach for a while now.

pigpigscorner said...

Love this too! But have never tried it with preserved veg, nice addition!

Joanne said...

Hmm I've had pig intestine...wonder if it tastes the same.

Cooking Gallery said...

I have never tried this combo in a soup, but it sounds interesting! Isn't it a bit greasy though, because I thought pig's belly is rather full of fat? - My knowledge of pig'd anatomy is rather low that's why...;).

tigerfish said...

We usually have this during Chinese New Year. Yes...the white peppercorn in the pig stomach works for me.

TomEats said...

I am sad to say you are braver than I. I happily eat it but am not sure I would be brave enough to cook it :)_

noobcook said...

my fave soup! my mum cooks this well. Haven't tried cooking it because I'm not sure how to clean the stomach hehe