Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hong Kong Style Steak - the Prime Steak Restaurant, Prince Edward

Hong Kong Style Steak - The Prime Steak Restaurant
Yesterday was our date night.
Thank God for SC's mama and my helper...we could leave little Marcus for a bit and take a breather.

SC was in charge of picking the restaurant.
I was worried that we might end up in Ajisen Ramen or MOS Burger. I love them both, but please, not all the time ;)

He picked the Prime Steak Restaurant in Prince Edward.
The place serves Hong Kong Style Steak and western food.
Hong Kong Style Steak - The Prime Steak Restaurant
The meal started with super tasty Hong Kong style minestrone soup, served with soft and sweet buns and butter. Super delish! My meal also comes with a fruit salad...chunks of pineapple, cucumber, etc, coated in sweet mayo based dresssing. I was pleasantly surprised! It was sweet yet super refreshing!

The steak..
Hong Kong Style Steak - The Prime Steak Restaurant
I had the Kobe steak set...for HK$93 :D
Don't expect much from the "Kobe" label. It's tenderized and marinated meat after all. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it. It was tender and tasty. What I love the the fries swimming in black pepper sauce, thoroughly seared in the sizzling hot plate. I wish I could order a hotplate full of just the fries in the sauce ;)

Hong Kong Style Steak - The Prime Steak Restaurant
The mixed grill served here is pretty unusual. It has the usual, a slice of minute steak, pork chop, chicken thigh fillet, bacon, chicken frank, and check this out...a piece of lamb chop, and a slice of....SPAM! Uh huh! You heard it right, spam, baby! All tenderized, marinated and thoroughly drenched in sauce. Hello, heaven~? Well, if you like this sorta thing ;)

Hong Kong Style Steak - The Prime Steak Restaurant
The meal comes with typical Hong Kong drinks (lemon/milk tea, coffee, coke, etc)...and a surprisingly delightful serving of ice cream. I had the chocolate, which wasn't too sweet, smooth and very chocolatey.

The meal made my date night!

Everything cost us HK$195 (for two) including service charge.

The Prime Steak Restaurant (第尾牛扒)
Prince Edward, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2380 3938


Wulinarian said...

I love HK style steak! Never had it in HK (so perhaps it's not quite authentic? I dunno..) but there was this one HK restaurant that served HK style steak, but apparently they closed couple years ago... Food looks good!

Von said...

Mmmm...I love Hong Kong style steak!! This looks really yummy- now I really can't wait to go to HK again!! =) I think I may have possibly gone to this restaurant before....because I went to one sorta like this in Prince Edward. Only I don't know the name =S haha...

Joanne said...

Aww you SO deserve a good date night and I'm glad SC came through, picking a good place. Steak is teh way to a woman's heart :P

Veny said...

ngiler banget Rit , jadi laperrr.
aku mayan sering ke HK n biasa nginep di Royal Plaza jauhkah ini Steak dari situ ? atao lbh deket ke MRT yg deket Htl Metro park ? aduhh pgn segera ke HK

Mochachocolata Rita said...

Christine, too bad the place closed down...sometimes we do want some marinated, tenderized steak ;)

Von, you've probably tried Fa Yuen restaurant...they're competitor. Try this one too next time ;)

Ven, Royal Plaza itu yang di Prince Edward bukan? Deket tuh dari situ...dari Metropark Mongkok juga deket :D

Mochachocolata Rita said...

Joanne, yes, steak...or KFC heheheh (or maybe it's just specific to me)

HK Epicurus said...

I thought you were about to write about Prime Steak House @ Elements! :D

If anyone is interested, apparently the better HK Style Steak Houses, where the meat still retains a little bit of natural meat texture and taste can be found here:

Boston Restaurant (their flame-grilled tenderloin with some alcohol on a steak, is Trademarked):

Golden Phoenix:

Let me know how it is if anyone else tries it. I liked my Boston Restaurant one! :)

Monica ^o^ said...

LOL That's my kind of mixed grill plate, with SPAM !

Anonymous said...

Ahhh Asian steak... not quite the same ehh :P but yay for meaty meat meat (and break) anyway ^^!

EatTravelEat said...

So much MEAT in the mixed grill! In my area mix grill might mean four pieces (or two) of only two different types of meat max.

You make me want to go back to HK now. And Ms. So from So Good makes me has made me already want to go back with her spend ____ a day episodes that are broadcasting on TVB. :)

Mochachocolata Rita said...

@HK epicurus I've tried boston and love it too...i'll go back to take better pictures next time :D and thanks for the golden phoenix recommendation...i'll give it a try soon :D

Mochachocolata Rita said...

monica & ffichiban i am sure there are places serving hk style steak in sydney, eh? hehehe

eattraveleat...i love ah so's show (although we also love criticising her)...wondering when will the next season start...