Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sinful English Muffins Breakfast

English Muffin Breakfast
How do you like your breakfast?
Healthy? Tasty? Powerful?
For me...I like mine sinful.

This is how I like my English muffins...
The savory one...
English Muffin Breakfast
Buttered toasted english muffins, slathered with mayo, ketchup and Indonesian chilli sauce, filled with the layers of sinful junk...pan fried spam (crispy on the outside, soft and tasty on the inside), cheese, and fried egg, over easy, with yolk that's still runny.
Oh my!

As for the sweet one...
English Muffin Breakfast
Buttered, toasted English muffins, slathered with peanut butter, jam, and drizzled with sweet condensed milk.


For me, if this is not a good morning, I don't know what is :D


Joanne said...

Man. these look GOOD. I wish I could come over to your place for breakfast.

Anonymous said...

hmhmmh i may have to go home and make myself some sinful english muffins! not for breakfast, but for dinner?

busygran said...

I am like so hungry in the morning and your muffins make me want to eat it all up!

Little Corner of Mine said...

I love the savory one, so sinful and yet so yummy!

Alice said...

Hi Rita,

Salam kenal! I'm Alice
Aku juga orang Indo terdampar di negara orang, di Singapore

Been your silent reader for months - you're an avid! Thumbs up!

Akhirnya jadi aku pengen start food blog lagi after my 2 previous attempts yg ended up aku cuekin hehe....
Yg ini itung2 recipe book aku deh, daripada ubek2 buku2 resep :P

Big congrats to your lil Marcus! - so adorable, enjoy every moment ya - they grow up too fast so gotta treasure every moment :)
Kamu pasti sibuk and have panda eyes due to lack of sleep yah :)

Anyway, dun want to take up too much of your time, just want to say hi and really hope I can befriend with many food bloggers out there, esp Indonesian ones, perlu bnyk suggestions and adivice nih kekeke....
Aku amatir banget, lack of ideas and means, cuma big passion aja hehe...
Besides its always nice to meet new friends :)

And aku mau minta ijin nih mau tulis blog address kamu di favorite links aku, bisa ya? :)
Pls feel free to visit my humble blog (please see the link below) - comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated! ^_^

(sorry tadi mau email kamu tapi somehow email add km gak recognized, jadi aku post disini :>)



pigpigscorner said...

This reminds me of McD's mcmuffin, YUM!

TomEats said...

Oh god that looks good. Taking something English and corrupting it and making it so much better!

Charlie Chan said...

Rita! I love your China Set, where can I get hold of that, do you think they still sell those? I have something like that at home, but we can't find them on dept stores already, we are planning on doing a resto and the theme is based on the Meissen plates.

Here's the link of what I thought would be logo for the resto

Mochachocolata Rita said...

Charlie, I bought them in some random shop long time ago. Try a porcelain shop in Soho, Elgin St.
They might have some good blue and whites there