Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Egg, Pork Trotter & Ginger in Chinese Sweet Vinegar

Egg, Pork Trotter & Ginger in Sweet Vinegar
Lil' Marcus is one month old today.
SC mama has prepared this treat, which is normally consumed after delivery, and given away to family, friends and neighbors when they visit the baby.

This dish is believed to remove wind and cold from the mom's body, as well as promotes the uterus' shrinkage (uh huh~)...and since the vinegar dissolves the calcium from the pork trotter, the mother gets calcium from the soup.

Powerful, eh?

It's not too difficult to make, but it does need a bit of love...
Egg, Pork Trotter & Ginger in Sweet Vinegar
- hard boiled eggs (how many? It you like them? SC mama put in about 10)
- pork trotter (chopped)
- peeled ginger (again, she puts in quite a lot...about a huge pack of ginger, cut into large chunks)
- a couple bottles of Chinese sweet vinegar

Bring everything to boil, and simmer until the sweet vinegar's well absorbed by the ingredients. It can be kept for quite a while, it doesn't have to be refrigerated due to vinegar's preservative qualities, simply bring to boil once a week. I like consuming it hot, but weird SC likes it in room temperature (The idea of pork trotter in room temperature? Eeewww).

I disliked this dish at first but consumed it anyway considering the amount of love that went into it. After a while...I am loving the sweet & tangy soup, and the egg yolk which has absorbed all the flavors from the ginger and sweet vinegar.

Oh, PS. Wanna see what lil' Marcus is up to? Check it out


noobcook said...

I didn't know this can be kept for so long outside. How lucky of you to enjoy such delicious home-cooked confinement food!

Von said...

Oooh...this looks so good!! I never know about any of the health benefits of the food I eat...haha- I didn't know this was good for mothers!! I love this =) But I haven't had it for so long ....=(

Joanne said...

I'm gonna need to remember this for when I have a baby. Gotta shrink that uterus back down to size! :P

daphne said...

hehehe. i love it whenever grandma cooks that! and she cooks it even if no one is on confinement!! Lucky girl to have SC's mum to care for u!! =)

Little Corner of Mine said...

I ate this during my confinement too. You were lucky to have a MIL to cook for you, I had to cook my own.

Chris said...

My mum sometimes puts in hard-boiled salted duck eggs....try it, it's yummy!

Anonymous said...

Now if only I had a uterus to shrink... hmmm I'll take some anyway!!

tigerfish said...

Looks like something I can eat once in a while, not as confinement food but who can cook for me????

EatTravelEat said...

Haha, this is quite tasty for any occasion. Love the spicy ginger and sweet vinegar together :) plus the pig trotter when tender is so good! Always best made at home too...the ones they serve at restaurants have no punch with the watery instead.