Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Eating OCD

My typical plate of leftovers...
Eating OCD
See...almost no meat left (except for the excess fat), some rice (normally the part that's not drizzled/soaked in sauce), and most of the veggies.
I know.
(I do bring a doggie bag most of the time, but not this time. I wish more restaurants offer "less rice/veggie" option)
Anyway...it's clearly messy.
But, hey! Who tidies up messy leftovers?

My sis.
Eating OCD
This is her eating OCD.
Her leftovers, if any, has to be neat, clean and tidy.
*I'm rolling my eyes*

Do you have any eating OCD you wanna share?


Tetetmum said...

Oh-oh, guilty as your sis. Even at Mc Donald's, my tray always ends up with just one stuff. Every wrapper, scraps and tissue goes inside the cup or the fries box.
Another thing, anything that touched the floor stays on the floor. Grocery bags, etc.

Veny said...

yah kalo aku persis kae your sister , cmn nasi yg ditinggalin lauknya udah disikat bersih ha22

Wulinarian said...

Eating OCD? When I was a kid, I had to finish the rice first (with sambal), then the meat/veggies. I got yelled at so often for doing this.. good thing I outgrew it.

dewi said...

hehehe... *guilty blush. thank God u didn't post my 'first remove all the unwanted element then cronological ly save the best meat for last' madness.

tigerfish said...

For anything with pastry skin (curry puff, chicken pie) or dough skin(char siew pau etc), I usually attack the filling and a little "pastry"/dough, leaving the "pastry"/dough always. :O

Joanne said...

Haha so between the two of you, you would have moderately messy leftovers. Not such a bad deal...

Ellice said...

The same with you Rita..
I didn't eat rice that's not drizzled in sauce :P

masterofboots said...

LOL at your sister's plate! yours looks more normal