Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Picnic at Inspiration Lake

Inspiration Lake Picnic
Finally! We've found a patch of grass we can sit on in Hong Kong! We were so happy it didn't rain yesterday, we had our picnic with Joe, Athena and baby Alice at Inspiration Lake.

Inspiration Lake Picnic
The place is beautiful and it's easy to get to. Simply take the MTR to Disney station, and take the R8 bus to the Inspiration Lake recreation area.

We settled ourselves on a clean patch of grass, under the shade of a tree. We brought some simple food...sandwiches, hot dogs, shrimp paste grilled chicken wings, marinated meat and fish balls and Chinese sausages, and fresh melons.
Inspiration Lake Picnic
There's a 7-11 there, so actually you don't have to bring any drinks or food. We didn't know that ^_^'

I made roast duck sandwiches...
Inspiration Lake Picnic

I used mini croissants, store bought roast duck, slices of fresh pear, and mayonaisse.
Inspiration Lake Picnic

The hot dogs had cheese sausages, sliced cucumber, mayo, ketchup and spreadable cheese in them. I used cocktail buns, the inner part buttered and lightly toasted.
Inspiration Lake Picnic

I also made apple caramel sandwiches. They're filled with slices of fuji apple, which were lightly salted to prevent them from browning, and slathered with some butter and toffee caramel spread.
Inspiration Lake Picnic

The babies enjoyed their own food...and some of our buns...
Inspiration Lake Picnic

And it was too hot, we decided to let baby Marcus try some popsicle.
Inspiration Lake Picnic
He was shocked by how cold it first.

Soon enough, he grew to love it...
Inspiration Lake Picnic

...and kept asking for more.
Inspiration Lake Picnic
So much for trying to not let him eat anything unhealthy until he's 10 ^_^'

It was so hot, we were pretty much melted, sun burnt, and bitten my mosquitoes/various insects, but we enjoyed it much, we're gonna go back when the weather is cooler.

The full set of pictures are posted on my Facebook Page. Like it if you haven't already ^_^


Veny said...

bekalnya banyak amat Rit ? ngiler deh

abby | ybba said...


What a lovely day for a picnic! Everything looks perfect! From the people to the YUMMY food!


Anonymous said...

great to know you and baby Marcus have found a picnic place. Wish Amanda and I can join you guys, the food looks delicious...:)

Joanne said...

I guarantee your duck roast sandwiches were WAY better than 7-11! Baby marcus is adorable!

Alice said...

baby Marcus...share ur popsie with me plsssss'...
pppssssttt! can pls take 1 roast duck sandwich ur mama made and pass it to me too??? :)

tigerfish said...

I really like what you are filling up in those mini croissants -duck and interesting.

Ta-chan said...

That duck sandwich looks soo good... I wish they sell cheap roast duck here... Nice idea!

Chris said...

What nice ideas for sandwiches! I think it is perfectly fine to introduce popsicles to Baby M...such a treat in the summer! Make your own healthier version with unsweetened fruit juices at home. Some pharmacies here actually make kid medicines into "freezies" for easier consumption.
I also used to feed my kids ice chips when it was hot, or let them entertain themselves with ice chips on the tray of the high chair. As long as the ice is in smaller pieces, you cannot really choke on them as ice melts!

Jun said...

Baby Marcus is super cute!

Love the apple sandwich. It is like dessert, complete with carb.