Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More Yummy Food from Kuala Lumpur

As if I am not miserable enough missing all the yummy street food I had in my previous post. Here's more.
Food from Kuala Lumpur
Kway teow or noodle soup.

Food from Kuala Lumpur
Prawn mee.

Food from Kuala Lumpur
Chicken rice with roast chicken.

Food from Kuala Lumpur
Two young guys making my noodles...

Food from Kuala Lumpur
My favorite from this food center.

Food from Kuala Lumpur
Dry pan mee. Nothing beats freshly made noodles! I miss this so much!

Food from Kuala Lumpur
Enjoying the noodles too much, I forgot to ask what kind of veggie/leafs are these?

Something I regret not trying...
Food from Kuala Lumpur
Adore the idea. Maybe I should try making my own.


Anonymous said...

Let's move to KL..hehhehe...I want those food!

mochaccinoland said...

i love ban mien!!! but usually i have the soup version with lotsa ikan bilis & chilli of course!!!! hahaha. quite surprising that ban mien didn't take off in hk! do u know of any good ban mien in hk?

Little Corner of Mine said...

You are making me hungry and missing the M'sian food early in the morning.

Cooking Gallery said...

I've never had pan mee... but it looks really good...! Which one is better, mie ayam or pan mee...:)?

Joanne said...

You think YOU'RE miserable!??!? How are those of us thousands of miles away supposed to survive!

Ningster said...

Hi Rita,
If I am not wrong, those are Goji leaves.

Mummy S said...

those are goji leaves..

babe_kl said...

The leaves are known as Cekur Manis or Sayur Manis in Malaysia