Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Durian Food Sighting & Food Loot from KL 榴槤飄香 & 馬拉美食之旅

I saw a small food stand in Mid Valley mall KL, and it's called Durian Durian. It sells all kinds of durian goodies.
係馬拉既Mid Valley mall有間野叫榴槤榴槤, 唔使講, 佢地賣乜都係榴槤啦!

Food Sighting & Loot from KL

Food Sighting & Loot from KL

Food Sighting & Loot from KL

All sounded fantastic! I tried the durian cheese crumble cheese tart and durian cheese cake. The names are better than the taste. The cheese cake and tart were pretty dry and not durianey enough. I've also bought the durian cookies and sponge cake.

Food Sighting & Loot from KL
The cookies are fragrant and buttery. The sponge cakes were light and fluffy, but again, there was not enough durian in them. I should've known better. Durian is always better as is.

What else did I get from KL?
除左榴槤, 仲有..
Food Sighting & Loot from KL
Choki choki (I love choki choki when I was young! You squeeze out chocolate paste out of its plastic casing, it's like munching soft chocolate! Yum!), Nandos peri peri sauce (I am marinating some Nandos wannabe chicken to be grilled tonight), Caramel toffee spread, and tamarind paste.
唔知大家識唔識乜係CHOKI? 我細個成日食的. 勁鐘意! 係擠(git)出黎食既朱古力醬. Nandos 的烤雞醬 etc

You know I'm fond of spice mixes, and I surely bought some from KL ^_^
Food Sighting & Loot from KL
Can't wait to try all of them.


Anonymous said...

Seeing what you can get in KL make me want to visit KL...hehhehe..

Little Corner of Mine said...

Yummy! Make me want to go back to KL.

Joanne said...

Can someone please explain to me why durian doesn't seem to exist here in the US?!?!? So sad!

tigerfish said...

Never even seen choki choki before! :O

Looks like you were in Durian heaven somewhere...hehehhe