Friday, June 10, 2011

Hong Kong Style Sizzling Steak Dinner at Mei Yi Lim - 超正港式牛扒之美而廉餐廳

On one of our date nights, SC and I went for some good old Hong Kong style sizzling giant steaks.
聽過好多人講哩間扒房, 一早已經想試
Hong Kong Style Steak Dinner Sets
And by giant, I meant gigantic, gargantuan, huge, jumbo, MEGA! Did you see the food overflowing from the hot plate? Yeah, baby, yeah!
真係好抵食! $6X-7X, 咁大件!

I love the atmosphere of this Hong Kong style "steak house". The decor, the service team of uncles in graying white shirts with faded black bow retro!
我鐘意個氣氛, 同D大叔既服務態度, 好幫到手 XD 仲有D裝修好懷舊
Hong Kong Style Steak Dinner Sets

And more than anything, I love huge value set meals. Emphasis on huge.
The dinner sets cost HK$68 each and it includes soup (red or the corn starchy "cream" soup), buttered toast...
個餐正常人係食唔晒的...一個包, 一個牛扒, 一個湯, 一個檬樂, 兩個人一齊食仲要送多個炒飯!

Hong Kong Style Steak Dinner Sets

...gigantic portion of steaks in a sauce of your choice (black pepper sauce is a popular choice) and an extra (as if the steak wasn't enough).
黑辣汁, 正
Hong Kong Style Steak Dinner Sets
I got a couple of chicken wings...

...SC had the scallop.
Hong Kong Style Steak Dinner Sets

...and a drink, SC tried their fruit punch.
Hong Kong Style Steak Dinner Sets
I dislike canned fruit cocktail (surprisingly!), so I am biased and won't comment ^_^

How was it?
Well, if you like corn-starchy, tenderized, and marinated giant portions, priced below HK$100, then this dinner set is perfect for you!
總結, 港式已醃牛扒, 高質, 抵食!

But for me...the steak was just an extra.
The real stars of the day were these bits...
但對我黎講, 我就鐘意食佢D雜菜多D
Hong Kong Style Steak Dinner Sets
...soggy chips and "veggies" which had been swimming in tasty sticky sauce and caramelized by the hot plate.
So fan-freaking-tastic!
I wish they sold a huge portion of this without the steak.
Never knew that I had a bit of vegetarianism in me ;)

PS. If all of the above didn't fill you up, you could ask for an extra plate of fried rice as a side dish. It's included in the set dinner.

PPS. We did finish our set dinner.
我地最後都食得晒! 太勁了

Mei Yi Lim Restaurant (美而廉餐廳 )
86 Sai Yee Street, Mong Kok

Tel: +852 2396 0730


shellie said...

you are right those soggy chips and veg looks absolutely to eat and i just had dinner!!!!

Little Corner of Mine said...

It sure looks like a huge portion and the gravy looks divine!

Joanne said...

You guys really went all out for date night!

pigpigscorner said...

OMG I won't know where to start! It's huge!

Cooking Gallery said...

Woohooo...! That steak is indeed humongous! And with a sizzling plate too :)!!

aeshcame said...

the steak looks dazzlig..but then..i have to agree on your no comments for the fruit punch..haha fresh fruits are always the runner ups..

tigerfish said...

The hot plate is too small to hold everything! Sizzling delicious.

Yeri said...

Your post and pictures had me drooling. And the sauce drenched french fries looks DIVINE.

gastronomous anonymous said...

OMG! thats one huge piece of meat!

Ben said...

Your blog and reviews always make me hungry. I want to visit Hon Kong just to eat all this amazing food :D