Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Breakfast - Cream Cheese & Kaya Sandwich with Cinnamon Coffee

Just thought I'd share my weekend breakfast...when it's not instant noodles/dimsums/Hong Kong fast's gotta be an easy sandwich.
Cream cheese kaya sandwich & cinnamon coffee
This time, it's cream cheese & kaya (weird?) on fluffy and soft honey egg sliced bread. I love the creamy, tangy and slightly savory flavor of cream cheese with anything, including with the sweet and coconutty kaya. Toasting the bread would be nice, but I was just too lazy. Heheh.

Cream cheese kaya sandwich & cinnamon coffee
I also love the addition of a little cinnamon on my sweet black morning coffee. Love the sweet fragrance. I am so not a coffee purist, obviously ^_^

How was your weekend? Delicious?


celine said...

cheese and kaya? you never fail to blow me over with your creativity. :) i am sold ...... am making this for my brekkie tomorrow.

shellie said...

anything with cream cheese is usually good....whats kaya?

Mochachocolata Rita said...

hi, shellie, i've added the link to it. it's coconut jam ;)

Veny said...

jadi pgn Kaya toast bikinan sendiri hehee
kalo aku weekend maren makan Pastel & lemper yg pesen dr surabaya (jauh yah) enakkk lempernya bny isi daging & pastelnya khas bgt krn rasa daging semirip abon manis2 gitu .

Joanne said...

Well, since I'm not sure what kaya is...I'm going to have to defer to your taste. Probably delicious then.