Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mochachocolata-Rita's on Facebook!

Finally! I've made a Facebook Page!
Why? Am I just being "trendy"? Is it just a carbon copy of this blog? Does it ever occur to me that my readers are already sick of me?
Hmm...good questions.
I don't know.
But I can tell you what you're going to see on the page.

Past Food
The yummy, the so-so and the yuckies that didn't make it to the blog, simply due to the laziness of the blog owner, such as this bowl of noodles that killed my palate...
For FB Page

Almost real time updates on stuff that I eat or made, just as these baked goods from last night...
For FB Page
...these were literally still in the oven when I posted it on the page.

Some ingredients that get me inspired...
For FB Page
...this was used in last nite's baked goods.
Can you smell the impending disaster?

Go on and like the page if you like ^_*


shellie said...

that bowl of noodles looked delicious....facebook huh? well i guess it would be fun to see the outtakes!

TINTIN said...

Liked already my dear :))

daphne said...

oh rita... mmm..now that makes me wonder if i should have my own facebook page too.. mmm....