Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Satisfying Lunch at Best of Thai Food Restaurant - 泰之選泰國菜館 - Kowloon City

Best of Thai Food Restaurant   泰之選泰國菜館
This is a place we randomly tried in Kowloon city. We didn't check openrice first to see if it's famous, and we didn't check which dishes to order. We thought, what the heck, we're hungry, they serve food. and there's no queue. We're good.

Working around Central, I hardly find any set lunch priced below HK$50 anymore...so I was very happy to see this HK$35 set lunch, serves with a drink! Oh yes!
Best of Thai Food Restaurant   泰之選泰國菜館

I love the spicy minced meat cooked with Thai sweet basil...and the takeaway Thai food joint we always order lunch from do quite a good version of it, and it comes with rice. I could imagine the spicy goodness stir fried with flat rice noodles...but what made me so ecstatic was...this place serves it...
...wait for it...
Best of Thai Food Restaurant   泰之選泰國菜館
fried with instant noodles!
My absolute favorite! Tasty tasty tasty!

Another favorite of mine, stir fried rice noodles, Thai style, fried "wet", which means, with gravy.
Best of Thai Food Restaurant   泰之選泰國菜館
Soft, slightly chewy, rice noodles with lots of yummy goodies swimming in tasty, garlicky gravy. Yum!

I didn't expect the dishes to have vegetables in them, so, in a desperate attempt to be "healthy", we ordered a mixed vegetables with shrimp paste stir fry dish.
Best of Thai Food Restaurant   泰之選泰國菜館

The drinks...refreshing iced longan.
Best of Thai Food Restaurant   泰之選泰國菜館

Thai "cendol"...I love the cendol, it's thinner and slightly more chewy than Indonesian ones.
Best of Thai Food Restaurant   泰之選泰國菜館
...HK$35 set lunches! LOVE! Can't wait to go back and try their dinner.

Best of Thai Food Restaurant 

37 Fuk Lo Tsun Road
Kowloon City
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2127 7348


Moniek said...

Yum! It looks amazing!

Su-Lin said...

I want those noodles! They remind me of a maggi goreng mamak! But Thai, of course.

Edena said...

Dinner is quite authentic and tasty too, stay tuned!

Cooking Gallery said...

I would eat in that restaurant too and wouldn't mind to pay overpriced indomie goreng if I should see it offered in restaurants here ;)!!

the world is mine oyster said...

Your pictures are amazing---so jealous! Could you give a general list of the ingredients in the dish with the instant noodles? I'd love to try to make it!

Joanne said...

Seems like a stroke of luck! All of the food sounds so delicious...now you've got me craving Thai food.

Mochachocolata Rita said...

@the world is mine oyster, some ingredients i could recognise = onion, garlic, straw mushrooms, carrots, long beans, minced meat, thai sweet basil, green chilli, red chilli, soy sauce, fish sauce, instant noodles

Jade said...

oh my gosh, that just made me sooo hungry.

<3 eccentricdaydream.blogspot.com

gastronomous anonymous said...

OMG - thats noodles looks absolutely amazing!!!!!! will have to go here next time i visit :)