Friday, September 10, 2010

Goodies from Indonesia - Yums!

Look at what my sis brought!
Goodies from Indo
Mad packing! This is exactly how we packed our old lunch boxes when we were in primary school, but instead of using tupperware boxes, we used real plates :D

Let's see what's in those boxes...
Goodies from Indo
Savory goodnesses!
A box of fried beef balls, bakso goreng Indra from Semarang. YUM!
Chicken ragout risoles from Risoles Karawaci. Oh my!

Goodies from Indo
...and something sweet :)
A box of chocolate and cheese martabak manis (thick Indonesian pancakes).

All gone now :D
Sorry T_T


Joanne said...

Moan. All my sister sends me is grief. And trouble. I'm going to instruct her that I want Indonesian goodies instead.

Razlan said...

Oooh... my friend just arrived yesterday with a box of Singapore Raya goodies. So much that I can't believe my eyes. I shall take photos of them too. I think your packaging is so... dainty! :D

Helen said...

Omg beli dimana martabak nyaa? Sooo gooood!

grub said...

YUM! i prefer martabak manis with peanuts, sugar and butter filling :) creamed corn with the combo is also good!

Jackie said...

I absolutely love how these have been wrapped up - they're totally adorable.

Man, I want some Indonesian tasties now!

Jax x

Anonymous said...

ooooo so jealous!!!!!!!! i want martabak too!

tigerfish said...

I actually love those traditional nice :) real :)

Cooking Gallery said...

Those actually remind me more of bento packaging;), I (or better, my mum) never wrapped my lunchbox that way, but they do look pretty and those goodies....I want some bakso goreng right NOW...!!!

Cynthia said...

Oh you're killing me here hon. I want a taste of everything!

Veny said...

aduhh jgn kata kamu yg jauh di HK , saya aja ngiler bgt ama goodies nya really yummy !!

Wandering Chopsticks said...

I like the packaging. What did you use the fabric for afterward? Dish cloths?