Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fish & Papaya Soup - Things Only Mothers Would Do

Fish & Papaya Soup
I hate papaya.
Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ewww!!!

But sc's mama heard that drinking fish & papaya soup will increase my milk production (currently, my production is seriously lame ^_^')...and I do want the best for lil' Marcus.

So, I thought, I'd only drink this Chinese soup wearing a mother's hat.

I was surprised to learn that the soup is pretty tasty :D
Thank God! I drank a few bowls of this...and now my milk production improved from seriously lame to...just lame :p

I'll continue to drink more of this.
Fish & Papaya Soup
- 1 large slice of grass carp belly (around HK$15)
- 1 small papaya
- hot water
- salt and pepper to taste, olive oil for pan frying the fish

Clean fish, rub with salt and pepper, pan fry in hot olive oil to brown the skin. Cook the pan fried skin with chunks of papaya in hot water until the soup turns rich and creamy. Season with salt and pepper.

The soup is tasty and don't worry, I don't think you will suddenly produce some milk because of this :D


Aris Munandar said...

eat more, drink more :)

dun worry, ur baby's tummy is like as big as a coin maybe, only a small amount of breast milk can make him full

Little Corner of Mine said...

Yes, I heard about papaya soup increase milk flow too. But I know the only way to increase it is to increase the demand for it. Let your baby suck on it often, then the supply will come.

jisampedro said...

It´s incredible how chinese remedies have a solution for so many things. I have to say that papaya is not of my favorite fruits but better in milkshakes.

Good always to have a mama to look after you :)

Joanne said...

Haha the things you do in the name of love. I can already tell you're an awesome mom!

Michelle said...

My milk production was beyond lame and no amount of fish soup helped. Do remember to constantly massage your boobies during latch or pumping to help with the flow. Despite my lack lustre supply, I managed to give my baby some BM for 12 months. It was darn hard work. Good luck!

Wulinarian said...

What kind of papaya? green or the sweet one? I might need this recipe later on. :D My milk production was super duper lame too..

Mochachocolata Rita said...

@Christine it's the sweet papaya, so double ewwww!!! :S LOLs

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Vietnamese make spare ribs and papaya soup if you want variation from the fish.

Anonymous said...

Hope the fish and papaya soup will boast up your milk supply. I heard chocolate and red/brown rice also helped. Good Luck!

Jackie said...

Chinese remedies, eh? ;) Glad it was tasty, though!

If you're having trouble encouraging milk, apparently you have to massage your milk-machines like crazy to encourage the colostrum which is really good for the baby, and also milk flow. Also, use a buffer and toughen up your nips a little because when Lil' Marcus starts chomping down it's gonna be a little sore!

Also, if you start cramping whilst feeding (similar to labour pains) that means he's feeding well! Keep at it, girl ;)

Oh the knowledge I gain whilst working at a baby shop...

Jax x

Pei Lin said...

you will get on just fine! Follow the advice of many experienced mummies here :)

tigerfish said...

I have tried papaya and chicken soup before. I think fish and papaya must be tasting good too. I will drink to deliciousness.

noobcook said...

noble mummy ^_^ there's a type of white-flesh papaya excellent for soup making if you don't really like sweet papaya and the papaya taste is not so strong. But dunno if it will help in milk production or not kekeke